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Name: Kokoro Pheles

Meaning: Heart

Age: 15

Family: Father (Mephisto), Uncle (Amaimon), 1/2 Uncles (Rin & Yukio), Grandfather (Satan), Mother (Shinda, OC),

Looks: In Picture (Yin from Darker Than Black)

Powers: Water (like a Water-bender), Summoning, Transformation (into a small white kitten),

Personality: Distant, may seem to have multiple personalities at times, complicated, mysterious, secretive,

Likes: Water, piano, cats, dogs, hamsters, nature, games and tricks, candy, singing when alone, music, having people she can trust,

Hates: Satan, hurting innocent people/demons, Amaimon teasing her, fire,

Bio: Kokoro grew up with her demon mother, Shinda. Although both her parents are demons, Kokoro had no idea about it and thought she was completely human. Though she could see demons since she was 4, she was never scared of them because they treated her nicely and like royalty, so she in turn never told her mother that she could see them at all. Kokoro has never known her father, and when her mother suddenly decides to bring her to True Cross Academy, Kokoro finds that there is more secrets held with herself than she ever thought possible. Kokoro's mother is very protective of her and tends to dote on her excessively. Shinda, her mother, can't go for 5 hours without her daughter without crying. Kokoro is a shy, lonely girl who wants nothing more than to be loved by someone other than her mother, though she tends to push people away. She has a 'pet' Hobgoblin that she met when she was 4; she has just given him the name Kobold, which means Goblin in German. Kokoro is fluent in English, German, and Japanese.

Theme Songs: The Voice-Celtic Woman, Rainbow Butterfly-Miku, Alice of Human Sacrifice-Vocaloids,

Greatest Fear: Fire

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