As he leans in, I realise how much I want him. I've never really kissed anyone before but for some reason, I'm not scared. Not with Frankie.

Finally, our lips meet. I see fireworks straight away. He smiles. Our lips move perfectly together and I don't want it to ever end. The cold metal of his lip ring and the raw passion of our kiss sends shivers down my spine and he starts to hold me tighter. He moves his hands up, into my hair and starts to gently pull. This makes me automatically open my mouth wider as he slips his tounge in. I sigh, and gently bite his lower lip. He quietly moans into my mouth.. This is amazing.. I could kiss him forever. I open my eyes slightly to see that his are closed, he seems to be enjoying our kiss as well. I pull away after what feels like forever, because I need air. As I'm gasping and taking deep breaths, I look down at Frank. He is bright red and his hair is sticking to his face. He's also breathing heavily, but when I look at him, he blushes deeper, bites his lip and looks away. I smirk, that was amazing.

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