6-Inch Heels and Red Lipstick

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I open my puffy eyes to blinding light beating on my naked body. All I can see was the light coming from the window. It's still dark outside.

I hear music coming from downstairs, the party is still going on. I can feel liquids coming out from inside me.

I remember it all, the drink, the dancing, the four guys. I still feel them inside of me. Forcing themselves into me, stabbing me in the stomach.

Nobody was there.

Nobody heard me scream out in pain.

More tears came rushing down my face. My stomach hurts so bad. I feel like I've been stabbed a thousand times. I still have the taste of cum in my mouth. My skin still felt sticky from all the sweat.

I rise up on my elbow, looking around the room.



Just like my heart.

Every move I made resulted in a slight pain in my stomach. I searched for my glasses on the floor and all my belongings. The horrible memories flash into my mind.

I knew who they were,

Blake Rodriguez

Dominic Howk

Miguel Turner

Traver Davis

They were his best friends and I was the nerd girl who always get picked on.

Tears came down my face

I was bawling when his friend took me. I called out his name so many times but he never came to save me .


I wanted him to be my knight and shining armor. But I guess I was a joke to him. They were his best friends.Of course they knew I like him and they took advanage of that.

I felt like curling up into a ball and killing myself, after all the shame they put me through tonight.

"Sophia !!! SOPHIA WHERE ARE YOU??" my best friend Katherine's voice.

She was my best friend. She dragged me here in the first place.

"Go sophia go have fun, loosen up ,and enjoy life a little " I remember her telling me leading me to my shame.

She knew along what was gonna happen to me . I found what I needed and put on my clothes and put on my glasses. I fixed my hair as much as i could .

I could hear Kathrines footsteps coming torwards the door. I stayed seated on the ground crouched down in the dark, when I heard the door open. I squeezed myself deep into the darkness, she didn't turn on the lights

"Sophia? Are you there?" I hear someone else coming.

"Babe, she's not here, I told you the guys took care of it." I couldn't breathe.

"But I know they said she was in here. They said she passed out right after they were finished with her." I can hear them sucking each other's faces.

"It doesn't matter now, your creepy nerd friend had her fun so let's have ours. And besides she should be thanking me she even got laid." That was all I needed to know, before tears came down my face. I needed to get out of here.

"Don't say that about your sister" I started crawling to the darkest spots in the room.

I heard the bed move and I made a run for it.

"SHIT !"

"SOPHIA WAIT!" I heard kathrine calling my name. I hear them running after me.

Why would my brother do this to me?

A big brother was suposed to protect his youngest sibling, not abuse them and making his friends harass me.

I ran down the stairs with tears in my eyes my vision was blurring but I didn't care anymore.

I ran past people, pushing and shoving.

"SOPHIA, WAIT COME BACK!" I hear them both calling me.

When I finally made it to the door, I crashed into someone.

"What the fuck!" His voice i could never get enough of.

"Watch were the f- Sophia ?" I stare at him, taking in everything inch of him.

"What are you doing here? What happened to you? Are you okay?"

Wow. Thee Adrian jesse Hunter is talking to me. But memories flood my mind of everything that happened in the room.

His best friends.

He had something to do with this.

More tears came down my face.

"SOPHIA COME HERE NOW!" I heard my brother, Corey's voice. I knew he was close.

I look back and i can see my brother approaching, I started running again. I looked back and I can see Adrian still standing there watching me.

I started running faster until I reached the woods. I hid behind a tree because I knew any minute my brother would come out of the house and see me.

My brother talking to Adrian asking if he seen me. Adrian says no.

For some odd reason, I knew he wouldn't say anything. After my brother went into Adrian turned back around, searching for me. I wanted to say thank you but I knew I didn't have much time left.

My house was a few miles away. So I went to the one place were nobody can find me .

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