Snuggles and Backstreet Boys

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Huffing, Elyse continued to run, one foot in front of the other, wanting, no needing to feel that with each step she was working off even the minutest of extra weight.  But she knew that it was a fantasy.  No matter how much she ran, the dead weight of her excess fat wasn’t leaving.  Well maybe if she went all Forrest Gump like and ran across America not stopping… but yeah that was not going to happen, she did not have that much motivation. 

Rounding the corner, Elyse heard a bark. Stopping abruptly, her green eyes met wide round brown ones with pupils the size of tennis balls. The brown eyes of purest evil narrowed at her, white canines barred,  eyes widening and with the s- word on the tip of her tongue, Elyse made a run for it back home.  Despite running so fast, she could hardly breathe; she could hear the manic barking of Snuggles, evilness in the form of a Weiner dog, and the rapid little pats of four paws on the boiling Texas cement. 

Darting across the street to take a short cut across to her house, Elyse’s heart nearly stopped when a red car braked stopping barely ten feet from her. 

She barely had time to register her near death when she could feel Snuggles literally nipping at her heels.  She began jumping and trying to get the demented creature ironically named Snuggles to let go of her laces, she ran once more, trying to block out the laughter she heard from inside the car that had been ten feet from her and the ER.

As she made it to her house, she quickly noted the moving van at the house right next to hers. Feeling hot, sticky, all kinds of gross, and a whole lot of embarrassment as she knew several neighbors had to have seen her and Snuggles, she didn't bother giving the van a second glance before going into her house. 

Twenty minutes later, Elyse came out of the shower, her curly blonde hair stuck to her face.  Looking in the mirror, she couldn’t help but take her hand and grab the excess fat on her stomach.  Grimacing as she felt the blubber like skin, she couldn’t help but recall Moby Dick and the thirty something pages  on the uses for whale blubber. 

Making a face in the mirror, she just sighed.  You would think with all the demonic chasing from Snuggles, some of it, as she liked to call her extra weight, would start to come off.  But it never seemed to. 


“Greg, take your box and your brother’s up please!”

“Yeah Mom, I got it!” Greg answered eyeing the two medium sized brown cardboard boxes.  Stacking them together, he carefully bent to pick them up. 

Dropping the one box that was his nine year old brother’s, he headed to his room.  He looked around when he heard the lyrics of I Want It That Way.  But his speakers weren’t up yet and Grace, his twin sister was still out with their dad getting dinner. 

He ran a hand through his fine blonde hair, not caring that it only caused his hair to defy gravity even more so.  He looked around his room once more before looking out his window. 


“Hey are you listening to the Backstreet Boys?”

Elyse stopped dancing around her room as she heard the yell.  Whirling around, her green eyes widened as she met soft brown ones, with regular sized pupils, contrast from Snuggles the demonic Weiner dog.  She scrambled to turn her computer down, where the Greatest Hits album of the Backstreet Boys was blasting, but in her haste, she managed to trip on her stray tennis shoe she’d earlier thrown carelessly. 

She knew there was a reason why her mother always told her to put her shoes away, so things like this wouldn’t happen.  She hated when her Mom was right. 


Greg winced as he saw the girl whose window was literally opposite of his, fall, seemingly right on her face too. 

“Are you okay?” He asked, immediately feeling like an idiot afterwards.  She did just fall on her face in front of him. 

“I will be,” Came the muffled reply from as the girl got up, her hand rubbing her bruised nose. 

“Hey, I’m Greg Pine your new neighbor!” Greg grinned. 

Elyse’s eyes widened her neighbor? The guy just saw her dancing and singing terribly to the Backstreet Boys!

“What’s yours?” Greg asked. 

“Elyse James.” Elyse reluctantly replied.  “And that was the Backstreet Boys,”

Greg laughed.  “Grace is going to love you. She used to be obsessed with them along with the rest of the other 90s pop, and she won’t admit it, but she’s still in love.  Don’t tell her I said this but she used to have a creepy shrine to Justin Timberlake!” Greg said grinning. 

Elyse blinked at the rather sweet guy that-

“Frodo what did you just say?!” A yell from below could be heard. 

“Oh shit.” Greg said as he and Elyse looked below where a pretty blonde haired girl stood on the grass, her hands on her hips, glaring. 

“Frodo?” Elyse echoed. 

“Yeah Lord of the Rings.” Greg admitted.  “That’s Grace, my twin. She calls me that as an insult.  So well I gotta go and find something of my sister’s to hold hostage that way I don’t have to sleep with both eyes open tonight. Nice to meet you Elyse!”

Elyse waved weakly not sure what to say as grinning Greg dissappeared as fast as he appeared. 

"Well crap now you have to get darker curtains." Elyse said to herself as she glanced at her white gossamer curtains.  "Mom!" She yelled going downstairs.


Hey guys, like I said earlier this story is a Novella and thus will only be a few more chapters! Hope you guys like it anyway!

Elyse is based off my friend ElyseWeasley who's also a great author on here! You guys should definitely check her out!

I'll be trying to update again soon... my goal is to finish this story before school starts for me!

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