Once we got to my house, I quickly opened the door and ran inside. My golden retriever, Bailey, ran to my feet, barking. "Mom?" Hexi and I searched around the house for my mom. "Mom!" I screamed when we found her in the office. I ran into her arms.

"Melody? What on Earth? Shouldn't you be in school?" my mom said. "Hexi, your mother is going to be here soon, and she won't be happy to see you skipping. What's the problem?"

Hexi perked up. "My mom is coming?"

"I'm here, Alisa!" Hexi's mom, Helen, said walking into the office. When she saw Hexi, she put her hands on her hips. "Hexi Jona Clayton! What are you doing out of school?" If you were wondering why Hexi's middle name was a guy's name spelled differently, it's because her mom thought she was having a guy, and the name was going to be Jonah, but Hexi turned out to be a girl. Helen decided to use Jonah as the middle name, but she forgot to write the 'H'. So yeah. There's a little random factoid.

Hexi ran to her mom. "Trixie turned into this thing!"

"What do you mean?" Helen asked, tensing up.

"She said she was an empo-something?" I replied.

"Empousa?" my mom asked us.

I nodded. "Yeah! How'd you know? Oh and the craziest part, Fawn took off her shoes and she had hooves or something."

"Alisa! They need to go!" Helen told my mom. "Now."

Hexi furrowed her brow. "Go where? Mom?"

My mom grabbed my wrist and drug me out of the office. Helen did the same with Hexi. "Where are we going, Mom?" I asked. I was getting so confused.

"We have to find Fawn," she replied. "Fill a backpack with anything you think is important but hurry up." We ran to my room and picked up a bunch of things. Before leaving my room, I grabbed two iPod chargers and my earbuds. After we got downstairs, I quickly scooped up Bailey in my arms and grabbed her leash. We ran outside.

"Let's go girls. In the car," my mom ordered. We just stood there, frozen.

Helen pressed her lips together and widened her eyes. "She could be dead by now, Alisa. We need to hurry. Girls! Get into Alisa's car!"

Hexi and I quickly escaped our trance. "Dead?" Hexi whispered to me as we entered the vehicle.

I shrugged and shook my head worriedly. "I really hope not."

Our moms quickly hopped in the car. My mom backed out of the driveway and quickly sped off.

Once the car stopped, we were at the school. "Fawn?" Helen called. "Fawn!"

We called our friend multiple times before we got to the playground. "Fawn!" Hexi and I screamed. She was laying on the ground and she had- donkey legs?

"Fawn?" I said as we reached her. She was holding a piece of glass in her hand and it was covered in blood. Fawn also had some cuts and bruises.

"Listen. Girls we need to help Fawn up, and then we need to take you three away from here. Where you're safe," Helen said.

My mom picked up Fawn and we hurried back to the car. Hexi and I were confused and speechless beyond compare. Fawn kept mumbling something about goats and camping and strawberry fields.

"Why is she saying that?" Hexi asked.

I shrugged. "Maybe she went camping in a strawberry field that was ransacked by goats?"

"I'm serious, Mel." Hexi turned to her mom. "Where are we going, mom?"

"Hexi, sweetie, it doesn't matter where, we just need to get there and you need to trust us, okay?" Helen replied.

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