Niall's P.O.V

"Hey Louis could you do me a favor?" Zayn asked.

"Sure, what?" Louis said.

"Can you take Isabell to her house, she needs to do something." Zayn said.

"Uh, sure" Louis said, and they went out the front door.

Isabell's P.O.V

We go in Louis's car and I gave him the address to my house. I'm going to break up with my boyfriend. I don't know how he is going to react, but I think it's over for the two of us. All he does is hurt me and always puts me down. Zayn doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would do that to me. He seems like a trustworthy guy to date!

We arrive at my house and I go out the car door.

I see Zayn also about to get out but I said "No stay here." I went to my front door and open it. "Hello?" I said. I see Melvin coming down the stairs "There you are it took you forever to get home." he said.

"Yea...I need to talk to you" I said.

"About what" He said.

"About our relationship" I said. I'm starting to get really scared on how he is going to react.

"What?" He said.

 I take a deep breath and I said "I think that we should take a break.." 

"WHAT! WE ARE SO PERFECT TOGETHER!!" He yells, and he grabs my jaw to make me look at him. I try to get my Iphone out from my pocket.

He put me against the wall and said "You need to take your words back!" I look down at my iphone and got on the camera screen. I quickly press the record button to record all this.

"We are going to be together for ever!" He said forcefully. He went on my neck and started sucking on it. "STOP!" I yelled, and he kept on doing it harder and harder. It really hurt, I start screaming and try to get out of his grip. I kicked him in the shin with my heels and made a run for it.

But, then he grabbed my hair and started pulling on it. I screamed the loudest I could. He covered my mouth and said "Shut up" and he smashed me against the wall again. Then he smacked me. I heard someone come through the door, it was Louis and Zayn. Melvin let me go and I fall to the floor crying. Melvin walked up to them.

"Don't hurt them." I said.

"Oh so I'm guessing one of these guys are taking you away from me?" He said. He went up to Zayn and said "It must be you pretty boy, you must love to play with peoples girlfriends."

"Just leave her go, she clearly doesn't want to be with you." Zayn says. I start hear police sirens.

Melvin punched Zayn in the cheek, and then Zayn punched him right in the eye. This is going to be a bad fight. But, then the police quickly came in and took Zayn and Melvin.

I looked outside and watch as ambulances start to come through. A police man came up to me and said "What happened?"

"My boyfriend went crazy" I said and handed him my iphone. I show him the video that I recorded from it. The police man helped me up and walked me out of the house. I look at Louis and he seems very shock. The police are talking to Zayn and I see Melvin hand-cuffed and shoved into a police car. They wrapped everything up and left. Well they did a lot of help (Exaggerating). And wait... that police man took my Iphone! I feel someone touched my shoulders, I turned around and it was Louis. I had tears running down my face because I feel like the bad person to get them all in this mess.

"It's okay" Louis said and hugged me. I see Zayn next to the car just staring into nothing.

 I go up to Zayn and said "I'm sorry I didn't mean that to all happen." He just shook his head still staring. His cheek is starting to swell up. I feel so bad, I don't even think that he likes me anymore.

I go in the car and Zayn gets in after me.

"Oh wait I should pack up my stuff" I said.

I get back out of the car and said "can you guys come with me?" Zayn said "sure" and Louis said "Yea." Well at lease Zayn is talking. We go inside and I go in my room. I go in my closet and get my suitcase. I packed all my clothes and shoes. We headed back to the car and left for my new home.

We enter and I only see Liam on the couch watching Toy Story, and Niall texting away. They didn't even pay attention to us. I go in Zayn's room to put my suitcase in. I go back out and I see Louis getting ice for Zayn. I go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and looked at my neck. It was very bruised from Melvin sucking it.

Liam's P.O.V

I looked over at Zayn and his cheek was swollen. I got up and said "What happened?" Zayn just looked at me.

"Fight" Louis said. Zayn had a bag of ice in his hand and walked in his room.

"He is in a bad mood at the moment" Louis said.

"How is Harry and Ashley?" Louis said.

"They been yelling at each other and Ashley is in the backroom while Harry is in his room." I said.

Louis walks in his room, and closes his door. Then he comes back out with a journal and goes in Harry's room. I continue watching Toy Story.

Then Niall said "What happened? I missed it all" I just looked at Niall and said "Nothing happened.."

"Okay" Niall said, and went back to texting.

Isabell's P.O.V

I go out of the bathroom. I go in Zayn's room, and he is lying down on the bed. I go through my bag to find comfortable shoes. I find flip flops, and take them out of the suit case. I take my heels off and then go on the bed.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked Zayn.

He looked at me and said "No, but I don't know how you deal with that every day it must be a pain." Zayn said.

"Yea, I do get a lot of bruises from him." I said.

Surprisingly, Zayn hugs me.

Ashley's P.O.V

I see Harry and he is coming toward me. I just looked at the TV ignoring him.

"Here is your journal" Harry said giving it to me. I snatched it out of his hands. I forgot that he had it. Well now he knows everything. GREAT!

"I still don't like you." I said.

"How many times have you said that to me" Harry said. I stood up off the couch and then walked away.

"Ash" He said.

I turned around and looked at him.

"Gotcha!" Harry said smiling.

"No, first of all never call me that!" I said.

"Ash, Ash, Ash" He said.

I looked at him with squinted eyes. He was just smiling.

"Ash" He said.

"Say it one more time!" I said.

"Okay, Ash" Harry said. I started to walk towards him but, he ran to me and.... :)

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