Chapter 6

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Mr Forkle looked very uncomfortable, "Well Sophie, you know that we can't give that information away."
Those words felt like a excuse to a bigger secret thought Sophie.
"I know that you aren't telling me the truth. After all that happened you won't tell me when you have made my life very hard. I'm 16 and don't know my birth parents and am tested as unmatchable. So you think that you are going to tell me that you can't tell me this?"
She started to get up and walk to the door, a pouting look on her face.
"Wait." Mr Forkle got out of his seat and reached a had towards Sophie. Turning around Sophie thought that he had take the bait to her little trap rather well. Not that she was trying to be mean but she needed answers.
Quirking an eyebrow at him she sat back down slowly and showed that she was listening.
Mr Forkle looked completely defeated, sighing rather loudly, he said "the only person who konws who your parents are is someone who was lost. When you were in the lab, we put a DNA plug in you that makes us unable to relate you to anyone. It was for your safety and theirs because of your parents need info to make sure that you were theirs but we didn't think this through all of the way."
Lost, gone, dead? Or has their memory just been wiped.
"I see the questions swirling around in your head. But I must tell you that there is a major complication. My brother and I had a memory wipe about who we chose and that person was instructed to never reveal the information, even cut all types with the Black Swan."
Sophie felt her face crumple. It really was a dead end, she and Fitz were a failed match, or anyone that she ended up with. Water started to form at the edges of her eyes. Even though she didn't want to give into the system she also didn't want to be shined by the only people she really felt that she belonged.

Sophie new that her parents loved her but she really didn't want to make them go through the same thing that Brant and Jolie went through.

Walking over to her, Mr. Forkle put his arms around her and whispered, "There is always a way to overcome everything, no mater how hard it looks. The memory could be retrieved by very powerful cognates, and you  and Fitz are on your way to becoming just that. You could get Dex and Tinker to come up with something, as Tinker drained the DNA blocker. Or you could take an scary and equally hard path and just pretend that being a bad match isn't so bad. The voice is always yours. And if you are worried that he will leave you, he won't. I've seen the way that boy looks at you." Letting her go and crouching in front of her, he wiped her eyes."
Sophie took a deep breath and said "can I just be left alone. I'll go back to class when I'm ready."
Mr. Forkle exited and shut the door softly behind him.
Taking a deep breath, Sophie dryer her tears and started a plan of attack. 

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