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Chapter 11

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-Joe's POV-

The first and most obvious thing I did was call Caspar. It rang but went to voicemail after a while. The fact that it rang though, meant his phone was on. So I decided to text him.

JOE: Caspar. I need to talk to you.

CASPAR: So you remember me?

I could see Caspar saying it out loud. His tone would seem angry though truthfully he was more hurt than mad.

JOE: I could never forget you.

I looked at the message I had typed and erased it. I didn't want to lie to Caspar and the disgusting truth was that I had, in fact, forgotten him.

JOE: You're my best friend. Please come back, and I need you. I need to tell you a lot but I want to say it in person not in text.

CASPAR: Just get Garold. I mean GRANT. To stay with you. He doesn't even have to pay since I left money to cover my half. U happy?


CASPAR: sure.

JOE: Caspar where are you? If you won't come to me, ill come to you.

CASPAR: Goodbye Joe.

Caspar must have been more sad and hurt than I could even imagine. He wasn't the type to ever leave someone without talking to them in person, letting the other person explain. What have I done?

I considered filing a missing person report so they could track his phone and find him. But he wasn't exactly missing since he had left himself and wasn't kidnapped or in danger and he was an adult. Also, if I did Caspar would be even more mad at me. Ill have to find him on my own.

I was still in my car just sitting there with my phone in my hand when I heard loud honkings behind me. I spun around and Zoe was in her car behind me, she looked frantic. She pulled up behind me and got out of her car. I follow suit, and began walking towards her. She was with an Asian guy that looked strangely familiar.

He waved at me, and then I recognized him. It was Scott. He helped Caspar prank me in Caspar's 'Breaking up with my roommate" video.

"Hihi!" He said cheerfully. His wide smile was contiguous. And for some reason his voice sounded creepily familiar.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, no tone in my voice.

"Well I wanted to surprise Caspar so I went to your apartment and only Zoe was there. She told me what happened, and lucky I came because I know how to track him!" His voice was so cheerful, and he talked with his arms waving around excitedly. It blew my mind that someone could be so happy. Even more happy than Caspar seemed to be. I was already overwhelmed.

"How?" I asked, trying not to get my hopes up too high in case his plan failed. I couldn't stop my fingers from trembling excitedly though.

"Wellllllll I remember Caspar has a GPS installed in his phone from when we were lost his one time and we were trying to find a restaurant and he used it to-" He talked rapidly fast and didn't leave any pauses.

"Okay, the point?" I asked.

"Joe!" Zoe said. I knew I was being rude, but we didn't have time to waste listening to his story.

"Luckily I'm a huge computer geek and although I haven't actually used my skills for this before my friend taught me howwwww" he paused for dramatic effect, "TO HACK INTO OTHER PEOPLE'S PHONES!!!! I have his IP address, and his lock code and I can hack into his phone and monitor his GPS to see where's he's headed!"

I considered asking him why the hell he had Caspar's IP address. I knew there was more to Scott than he seemed, but I was too excited to talk to him about it, "Thats great!" I said, not being able to stop the wide smile from spreading, "When can you start?"

"As soon as I get a computer!" He said cheerfully.

"Aren't you hot? It's the middle of summer and you're in a hoodie." Zoe randomly asked Scott.

"Nah," Scott said, his smile unfading, "but we should go find a computer to work on now."

I couldn't agree more.

We headed back to the apartment, and I went to get my laptop. I thought we would work in the kitchen or living room or something but Scott came right in and sat on my bed. I handed him my laptop and he immediately began typing. The screen went black and the random numbers and letters he was typing were white. It was scary, to see my laptop like that. But I'd do anything to find Caspar.

Scott's typing was the only sound for ten minutes, before he yelled, "Yes!" A split second later what looked like a phone screen appeared on the computer screen. It was locked and waited for numbers to be entered. I recognized the background image. It was Caspar's phone. Scott typed in 4 numbers and the phone was unlocked.

"Damn. You're good." Was all I could say.

Scott only smiled as he started clicking around. The GPS screen opened.

"Well he's not on a known road, so he's either not on a road at all or he's on an unpopular road most likely in the country. He's headed north though.

That was all I needed to know, "Lets go."

"Wait, let's look at his surroundings to see if we can track places around him so we'll be able to know we're headed towards him.

I took a closer look at the screen, reading street names that were somewhat near Caspar's car.

Shit. I knew exactly where he was going. A place that should never be revisited.

-- A/N so yeah I used an Asian guy to be the smart computer tech guy but I'm not racist bc for anyone that doesn't know, I'm Asian myself :P. btw I doubt what Scott did is actually possible to do but oh well~.

Also I'm not gonna be able to upload tomorrow and possibly not the next day either.

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