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Hello and welcome to my very first Wattpad novel! 

Some of you might already know this, but I first started writing 'Following the Rules' in 2012 and for various reasons I haven't shared my final chapters with you all just yet. At the moment, I'm busy editing and re-writing my book, but once I've finished I hope to be able to share Jace and Kody's story with you.  

Since it's now changed quite a bit from the original, I've taken down my previous work and will only publish a few of the more recently edited chapters for you guys to (hopefully!) sink your teeth into. 

As always, I'd be grateful to hear what you all think.  


© copyright Roses17 Please don't steal or incorporate any of my ideas into your own works. These characters and their stories belong to me so please respect that.

"Run Jace," they screamed, their warped voices becoming one as they chanted, always chanting: "don't stop running Carter. Run!"

Sprinting down the field, Jace flew past his opponents; the anger from his earlier fight with his dad making his movements faster and more aggressive than usual. The glare from the late-autumn sun was beating against his back and adding more fuel to his raging inferno; rivulets of sweat were racing down his body and propelling him forwards harder and faster, as an aching pain spread lower in his back.

He'd taken a pretty dirty tackle earlier and he could feel the bruising already mottling his golden skin in different shades of blues, purples and greens. It didn't bother him though; they were going to win this thing today, he'd make sure of it.

Spotting his teammate racing along just beside him, a smile engulfed his face and he threw the ball towards Jet's awaiting arms. Jace could only watch through his smug smile as the ball landed in the smaller boy's hands and he launched himself further down the field. No one would catch him now, Jace knew with absolute, one hundred per cent certainty.

Jet was like a bullet: totally unstoppable until it reached its target.

In the same breath, Jace felt a huge weight wrap around his legs as the giant who'd been trying to catch him during this last run finally caught him. The momentum sent them both flying to the ground, Jace's bones screaming in agony as that vast weight crushed into them. A pained grunt left his lips and he saw nothing for a few seconds as black spots danced across his vision.

Every. Fucking. Time.

It was a miracle he'd never passed out on the field, what with the amount of knocks and hits his poor head took. He'd been close one too many times, mind you.

Shaking himself to, he heaved the big oaf off of him, tested his joints and stood up to see Jet making the touchdown. Relief flooded through his body as the try was counted and he knew he'd been right to bring the guy into the team; despite his dubious and granted small appearance, there was no one who could run quicker than him. Jace was sure even the great Bryan Habana, one of the world's fastest wingers, wouldn't be able to outrun his man!

He watched through heavy breathing as Jet psyched himself to kick a conversion, his arms hanging loose and unaffected at his sides as he took a couple of steps away from the ball, his eyes flicking between his mark and his goal. He looked calm, he looked collected, and Jace knew that in three, two, one-

"Yessssssss," the crowd went wild as that little egg soared between the two posts, Jace's own shouts echoing around the field.

Hearing the blow of the whistle that confirmed the game was over and his team had won, he raced down the field towards Jet and threw him over his shoulder. The rest of their team ran to join them, jumping around and pounding each other on the back as they howled in victory.

"Deanville Champions," one of them roared.

"Warriors until we die," another chorused, his deep voice mingling with the ecstatic crowd.

Parents in the stands screamed for their boys as benched and injured teammates raced in from the side-lines to join the madness. It was such an amazing feeling to be a part of this team, to be one of these players; even if it was just on the field, Jace reminded himself. The rest might have been one big horrible lie but he refused to let that ruin this moment for him.

No, far better to worry about that after the celebrations were over. After he'd gotten as drunk as a skunk, bedded someone whose name he'd never remember and probably never known, and craved the guy he'd walked past in the room just down the hall. After he'd woken up and cursed the expectations of his father, his friends, his teammates and every single person watching in those stands.

He was Jace Carter; Captain of Deanville College's infamous Rugby team, known man-whore and all-singing, all-dancing player. He wasn't allowed to be quiet off the field, he wasn't allowed to have a life outside of Rugby and he certainly wasn't allowed to be gay. That last one was un-questionable, unimaginable and utterly unforgivable.

Luckily for him, he'd never met anyone who made him want to challenge these rules of the playground, these laws of the jungle. Not until he bumped into him. Literally.

But then really, what's the fun in following the rules anyway? Rules are there to be broken and Jace was about to break every single one of them irreversibly and irreparably.

He just didn't know it yet.  

                                                                                                                                                     © copyright Roses17  

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