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Hi there, welcome to my first wattpad novel! As mentioned above this is a 'boyxboy' story and will therefore involve aspects of homosexuality and, in response, homophobia. This novel has began to hold a special place in my heart and whilst it's the first story I've published on Wattpad, it is also the first story I have actively felt inspired to write. This is only the first draft so I know there are areas in need of improvement but before all of that, I wanted to see how people would react to it. Please let me know what you think and bear with me; it may not be what you're expecting, or even used to reading, but if you give it a shot, hopefully you'll come to enjoy it :]

© copyright Roses17. Please don't steal or incorporate any of my ideas in your own works, these characters and their strorylines belong to me, please respect that.

“Jace, man, pass the ball!”

Sprinting down the line, Jace flew past his opponents, the heat from his earlier fight with his dad making his moves even more aggressive than usual. The feel of the scorching heat on his back from the glare of the sun causing rivulets of sweat to race down his face, propelling him to push himself harder against the aching pain he’d received from a harsh tackle earlier. It didn’t bother him, they were going to win this today, he’d make sure of it.

Spotting Jet to his left a smile engulfed his features and at the last minute he threw the ball into his friend’s awaiting arms. Jace himself was only able to watch as the ball landed in the smaller boy’s hands and he launched himself down the field, knowing that no other opponent would catch him now. The momentum of the giant who had been charging towards Jace finally reaching him despite no longer having the ball sent him flying to the floor, his bones screaming at the vast weight crushing them. As the breath left his body he saw nothing for a few seconds as black danced across his vision.

Shaking himself to, he heaved the oaf off of him, tested his joints and stood up to see Jet making the touchdown. Relief filled him as the try was counted, and he knew he’d been right to bring Jet into the team; despite his dubious, and granted, small appearance, there was no one who could run quicker than him! Jace was sure even the great Bryan Habana, one of the world’s fastest wingers, would face a challenge against his man.

He watched through heavy breathing as Jet psyched himself to kick a conversion and the crowd went wild as it soared through the posts. Hearing the blow of the whistle that signified his team had won he raced to Jet and threw him on his shoulders as the rest of the team jumped round them, pounding each other on the back and shouting their joy. Parents in the stands screamed for their boys and injured teammates on the sidelines hobbled in to partake in the madness. It felt amazing to be a part of this, to be one of these guys if only just on the field. The rest he knew was all a lie, but he wouldn’t let the constant annoyance of that ruin this moment for him. No, far better to worry about that after the celebrations were over; after he’d got as drunk as a skunk, bedded a cheap woman and craved the guy he’d walked past in the crowd; after he’d woken up and cursed the expectations of his father as well as his peers at school. Being the golden boy was a lot harder than it looked.

Yes much better to ignore it all for now and instead celebrate their victory.

He was after all Jace Carter, captain of the school rugby team, known man-whore and an all-round ‘jock’, as the Americans termed it. He wasn’t allowed to be quiet off the field, and he definitely wasn’t allowed to be gay. Lucky for him he hadn’t met anyone that made him want to challenge these laws of the jungle known as school, and he was happy to keep things the way they were supposed to be. Until he crashed into him.

What’s the fun in following the rules anyway? 

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