Chapters 4-5

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Chapter 4: after softly jogging away from Zayn, me and Niall find ourselves in a clearing in the woods.

There's benches and a water fountain so we decide to sit down. I look over at Niall. Niall has always

been my favorite in the band, other than my best friend, who no one will ever surpass. I can't exactly

explain why. He's just so sweet and playful. He jokes around with me more than anyone else and I do

love teasing him. Most girls, if they were in my situation, would prolly have feelings for at least one of

the lads. I understand that though, I'm around them so often, you become like a little family, and I love

my little family so much more than they could ever know. And it doesn't hurt that all of them are

beyond hot. So I could see how a normal girl in my place would fall for one of the lads. But I just don't

feel that way about any of them. I've never imagined myself with them. Although if I had to choose

one person in the group to have feelings for, I would choose Nialler. Which is weird since I'm closest

to Harry, but it's not like I actually crush on him.  Just if I HAD to choose, it would be my sweet,

carefree mofo. I look over at him again and sigh. He would be a catch to anyone alive. But my heart

belongs to my boyfriend, Aaron. "Hey leprechaun! Why are you just sitting there? Get up and go

injure someone else!" "nahh, I think I'm shot for today. Don't have the energy to hurt anybody else

with my extreme lack of sports ability." "awh, no fun. Well I guess let's go home then" I start walking

back towards the lads. "WAIT. I feel something. Something down in my heart. Suddenly... Receiving...

Energy...." he grabs me and pulls me into a headlock "hey look I got my energy back! It's a miracle!" I

wrestle free of him and back up a few paces. I sprint towards him and tackle him onto the ground and

we come up in a heap of laughter

Chapter 5: "alright boys I'll see you later at the concert" i give them all a hug before I leave. I pull

Harry off to the side. "good luck bud. You'll do wonderful. Fantastic! Marvelous! Stupendous!" i poke

his cheek. he smiles and chuckles "stop Tay you're making me blush." I smile and give him another

hug, not wanting to break away. We eventually split and I walk back to my car to drive home before I

go to the concert tonight. **** I walk back up to the rest of the guys and overhear Liam and Niall

talking. "when are you gonna tell her mate? You can't wait forever you know.." Liam says to him. "tell

who what?" I stroll up and ask. Niall glances at Liam. "alright you might as well tell him." he sighs to

Liam. "what's up bro?" I ask. "Our good pal Niall thinks he's in love with Taylor." Liam follows up. I

stand there for a minute. Not knowing what to say. "....oh" I mutter. "Niall lad, she has a boyfriend." "I

know i know Haz. That's why I can never tell her. She would hate me." "I don't think she would hate

you for something like that, or at least I hope not...." I trail off in my thoughts. "well boys! I think we

should be getting to that concert now! Our ride awaits!" Zayn breaks out of the silence. We all walk to

the limo and I'm still in shock. I notice nothing in the two hour ride to the stadium. Nothing of the

wardrobe. Nothing can break me out of the trance I'm in until I'm rising onto the stage with a

microphone in my hand and hear the deafening roar of 40,000 girls calling my name. But none of the

voices belong to the girl I truly want...

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