Chapter Two: Just Come With Me

                “You wanna get out of here?” Nicholas asked me as he stood from the couch, I looked down at my watch and gasped at the time, we had been sitting on this couch for two hours just talking about nothing and everything. He looked down at me and smiled, “See, wanna go? This party is lame anyways.” Nick asked me again. I smiled up and stood to my feet.

                “Sure, but where are you taking me?” I asked him my left eyebrow rising in curiosity. He laughed and grabbed my hand, leading me through the dancing, sweaty bodies of different teenagers.

                “Just come with me, little one.” He whispered in my ear as his lips gazed over my earlobe. I took a deep breath and laughed a little as he looked down at me and we made it back outside where the main part of the party was taking place. I pulled my leather jacket closer to my body trying to keep off the cold. Nicholas’s big warm hand left mine and his arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me into his side as we made our way down the street heading somewhere. I smiled when I heard a loud beep of a locking car echo into the night air. “There she is,” Nick said happily as he hit the unlock button on his keys and the headlights to his white Audi R8 flashed back at us. I guess being a part of one the riches families in the town had its benefits. “After you my lady,” He said with a bright smile as he opened the passenger door and I got inside. I watched as he jogged over to the driver’s side and got in.

                “Nice car.” I smiled as he put the key in the ignition and started it up. My smile grew at the amazing purr of the engine. Nothing like being in a fast car, but it would be a lot better if I got to drive this baby, who am I kidding, I just met Nicholas, and I bet he wouldn’t like me drive his car even if had known me, I bet it’s his baby.

                “Thanks,” He smiled as he put her into drive and pulled out of the neighborhood and headed toward the main part of the town. It was nice and quiet, beside the soft hum of some song in the background. I smiled over at him as I watched him focus on the road. I watched as he turned to look over at me for a slight second with a smile on his lips and then he turned his attention back on the road. “Here we are.” He smiled softly as he pulled into the parking lot of the local diner. I smiled, I loved this place. I always came here for good food and to get away from my father.

                Ever since my mother passed away last year, he’s been over protective not letting me out much to go do things with my friends, most of the time I have to sneak  out, or lie about where I’m going, but he’s not going to over control my life and not let me have a life. I’m a seventeen year old girl, I need to live life.

                “Coming?” Nick called as he stood holding my door open. I looked up at him, smiled and nodded mentally slapping myself in the face. How embarrassing.

                “Yeah, sorry.” I sighed rolling my eyes at myself as got out of his car and walked over to the sidewalk and waited for him. I smiled as he shut the door and locked it behind him as he walked over to me and placed his hand on the small of my back and lead me toward the entrance. I smiled as we walked in and noticed the place was nearly empty, only a few college students sat in the back. Nick grabbed my hand and we walked toward the back on the opposite of the college students and sat down in the booth. The only waitress that was working came right over and asked us for our drink orders.

                “Sweet tea,” I smiled up at her and then looked at Nicholas.

                “Coffee, thanks.” He nodded at her. She smiled and walked off; as soon as she was gone Nicholas looked back at me and flashed his pearly whites.

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