Part 20

Forever  Together and No One Can Stop Us

The older boy walked over to the couch, leaned down and kissed the younger boy lightly on the lips. Harry's eyes opened slightly. He smiled and closed them again. "Hey Louuu" he said tiredly.

"Hey didn’t mean to wake you," Lou said looked down at Harry with soft eyes. "But I have good news."

Harry opened his eyes to look at the older boy and smiled. "That's always good to hear."

The older boy put his face closer to the younger boy's. "We can be together forever now."

Harry moved his face even closer. "Promise?" he smirked.

"Yes promise. Forever." Louis tilted his head and started kissing Harry passionately.

Harry smiled into the kiss then pulled back. "Sorry for scaring you when I came downstairs."

Louis had his eyes halfway closed, looking into Haz's eyes, lips still close to his. "You did scare me a lot...but you know how to make up for it." he smirked.

 Harry smirked. "You wanna tell me what that would be?" he asked, winking.

Louis shrugged and then carefully picked Harry up. "I think you know what." he smirked again & carried Haz upstairs to their room closing the door behind. He walked over to the bed and lay Harry down, going over him looking into his eyes. "Do you still need me to tell you how to make up for it?" he smirked. Harry grinned and nodded, sticking his tongue out at Lou. "Oh stick that tongue back in, Curly." the older boy said lovingly as he kissed on Harry's jawline.

Harry chuckled. "I'm waiting for an answer Lou-Bear!!"

The older boy pulled his head back to look at Harry, raising an eyebrow with a sassy attitude. He then put his lips near Harry's ear. "Going close to all the that an answer?" he said slowly. Harry blushed then smirked. "How close is all the way?”

"As close you want it." he replied as he looked into Harry's eyes. ""

Harry nervously giggled and looked away. "So you noticed?"

The older boy moved his head a little to try to look at Harry's eyes. "Of course...because I’m your Lou Bear plus..."

Harry nodded "Plus what? Lou-Lou?" he smirked looking back at Louis.

"Plus I love you...a lot so of course I'd notice such small things." The older boy smirked.

Harry chuckled "I love you too Boo!" he exclaimed leaning towards him to kiss him again.

They kissed and Louis tilted his head more to make it deeper while gently holding Harry's sides.

Harry pulled back and smirked "I forgot to ask... How did it feel to be single for 30 seconds?"

"It felt a little lonely, but then I remembered I’d be with you." Lou smiled and blushed.

Harry laughed "Lou! You're so cheesy!" he said poking the older boy in the sides.

"Hey!" Louis exclaimed while giggling, holding his sides. "Better than nothing!"

Harry smiled "This is why I love you Boo." he chuckled giving him a kiss on the nose.

"Speaking of which, why do you love me Haz?" Louis asked, resting his head down on Harry's chest.

Harry wrapped his arms around and thought for a second "Hmm, there's so many things. I love how you're so carefree and sassy."

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