Chapter 4 A Great Date

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"Can I ask you something?" Alec asked as he walked me back to my room for the night.

"Yeah, sure. Is everything alright?"

We stopped in front of my door and Alec caught my hands in his.

"I want to take you out..."

"Like on a date?" I was so confused. Everything was happening so quickly.

"Yes. If that's okay with you..."

"Yeah, I would like that."

Alec smiled as I answered and squeezed my hands.

"Great. Well, I better let you get your sleep. You're in for a big day tomorrow."

"Okay, goodnight Alec."

"Goodnight, Maggie." 

* * * * *

"Maggie!" Demetri and Felix ran over and hovered over me as I stood in the hallway in just a bathrobe and slippers.

"Umm, hi guys. What do you want?" I felt so awkward, standing nearly half-naked between two jokers. It would probably not end well...

"We were told that Alec wishes to speak with you after your shower..." Both of the men glared awkwardly at me, merely checking me out. I put my head down and tried to push past the men to get to the showers as soon as possible.

"Tell him to meet me down in the kitchen in twenty minutes!"

I closed and locked the door behind me and tore my robe off. Aftter turningon the water and testing it with my hand, I jumped in and tried as fast as I could to shower and shave. I threw my hair up and wrapped it in a towel as I pulled my robe back on and hurried out to my bedroom for clothes.

I got inside and looked up at the clock. 9:55. I had five minutes to change and dry off. I hurried over to my closet and looked for a cute, yet casual outfit to meet Alec in. He never told me what we were doing, so I didn't know what to wear. As I looked for a good outfit to wear, I heard a knock on my door.

"Who is it?" I called as I continued to look through my closet.

"It's Jane. Can I come in?"

Jane? What the heck was she doing here?! I walked over to the door and let her in. She wore a bored expression on her face; almost like she didn't want to be here. I stood in her way in my robe and towel and impatiently waited as she stared at me like I was an alien.

"Alec wanted me to come up here and see if you needed help getting an outfit ready." She sounded like she didn't want to be here either. As much as I didn't want her in here, I gave up and let her through. 4 more minutes until I had to meet Alec.

"So, it's good thing Aro sent Heidi to get you more clothes. At least you won't have to wear rags..." Jane said as she peeked through my closet.

"Yeah, I know right? By the way, do you know where we're going?"

Jane pulled out a cute salmon colored poka-dot shirt and a new pair of jeans. She threw the clothes at me and digged through my closet in my shoes until she pulled out a pair of white sandals.

"Here. I do know where you are going, but I am not allowed to tell you where." She dropped the shoes by my feet as she started for the door. "You better hurry." Were her last words before she left me alone to change in my room.

I changed into the clothes she picked out and ran a comb through my hair. I put a little bit of makeup on and chacked my appearance in the mirror. Sure, if I had more time I would probably look a lot better. But pleased enough I hurried downstairs to meet Alec in the kitchen.

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