Dancing with Demons (ChandlerxFem!Reader)

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Howdy! Sorry if this one is short, I had major writer's block while writing this. Also, this one-shot was requested by Banshee-Bitch, I hope you enjoy!


Y/n's POV

It all started when I was the young age of ten. A mark had appeared on the back of my neck where I could feel the bump of my spine. The mark was an odd commodity, due to its random placement. It didn't hurt, or at least from what I recalled that day. However, after a few days, I felt like I was being studied, every move I made, and all my sentences felt like they were being recorded in a journal. Something is watching me from afar, in the shadows.

Now, fast forward a few years to when I'm seventeen, the feeling has ceased almost entirely. Whatever was perching over me seems to have gone away.

"Y/n? Are you still thinking about that silly mark?" Veronica joked

"Y-yeah? I mean, it gets very irritated and itchy when the Heathers come around these halls," I reply

"You don't need to worry about it! Look, I'll tell you what, tonight I will research that mark, and get back to you tomorrow!"

"Okay, thank you, Veronica!" I say as I hug Veronica tightly

"No problem, Y/n!" Veronica says as she walks away readjusting her necktie

I head to my locker, dialed 246, and proceed to grab my journal. This notebook contains my deepest darkest secrets and some entries of observing the mysteries of Westerburg High. For you see, nothing is normal here, in this journal I found in the woods, has cites of mysterious creatures that roam this strange motherland.

It has everything from evil gnomes to demons. Unfortunately, the demonic people rule my whole country, so, we must abide by their hideous rules. One of those sets of rules is the mating ritual. To put it short, demons are required to have a human love companion. They are mostly used to clean house, shop, cook, and fuck. That's it. It's disgusting.

The thought makes my skin crawl like the slimy worms of the ground.

However, there is a hierarchy of monsters, the Sins, they are as deadly as a king cobra's venom. They are called the Heathers, the elite monsters of the United States. This small clique of girls are ones to not reckon with, they've managed to overthrow the government, so, they are the ones to fear.

Especially if they are oddly attractive, they struck fear into the hearts of the bravest men, hell, they made the United States and United Kingdom shutter in their boots. Occasionally, the Heathers will walk through the school and search for their human companions, some people die in this process. Personally, anyone would be considered lucky if they were chosen as Heather's mate.

Then, I felt a rush of intense heat burn past my skin. With it, I felt the cold as well, and an undistinguished moistness filled the air. It was the Heathers.

"Y-Y/n?" Veronica trembled as two figures grasped her tightly

"Veronica, I-I," my lips quiver

Like the chilly night breeze, she was gone into the night, never to be seen by the public eye again. My hands darted to my face as I tried to stifle my obnoxious cries for help. That is until a pair of red heels clicked to my position. I couldn't help but look up at the tall, strawberry-blonde woman with a pinch of distaste.

"Get up!" She ordered

I cried harder into my sweaty, tear-stained hands.

"I said, get up, whore!" Chandler growled as she tore my delicate hands from my face

"W-what do y-you want from me?" I whimper

"You," Heather explained broadly


"It's part of the rules, sorry." She empathized in a noncaring way, "But, you'll do as I tell you!"

"Yes, master!"

"I'm not your master, I own you, to put it simply." Chandler smiled slightly

"Okay?" I giggle nervously

"Ah, that mark on your neck, I see it's still there after all these years!"

"Is it your mark, Ms. Chandler?" I inquired

"Yes, it shows that you are my little servant, and bound to me for eternity!" Chandler answered nonchalantly

That mark really did mean that I belonged to her, I couldn't be more than a hundred meters away from her my energy starts to deplete. We have sex every day. But each time we do it, it feels like our first time, full of ecstasy and passion. I'm afraid that or something out there is trying to harm my Chandler; I will not let that happen; no matter how many times they burn us.

I hope you enjoyed!



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