Hey guys!!!! I'm sooooo sorry it's been forever since I've updated!!! I just want to say that this (I'm sorrry) won't be updated that much....I know there's people out there who just love this series ant want me to update it as much as possible, but I can't do that untl I finish one or two of my other books. I'm sorry. I hope you'll understand.

  I have an update coming soon hopefully! Amd I promise you as soon as I finish a book, this book will be my first priority!! I swear!!! I hope you can bear with me, updates will come when they do. I just wanted to clea things up. It's very hard to wor on four books..no five books. It's hard to work on five books. And once I finish one of those five books, I'll start uploading this more and more. I promise.

 Love you all! <3 Please forgive me! Don't hate me!!! Have fun! Check out my other books if you can find the time and patience to!!!! 


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