What Happened !

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RocPov: I Didnt Know What Happened ,Or What Kijha Was Talking About That Night. So I Waited Till The Next Day To Ask Her !

Roc: Goodmorning Beautiful.

Kijha: Goodmorning.

Roc: You Want Breakfast ?

Kijha: We Should Go To Breakfast ! : )

Roc: Ok , Lets Get Dressed And Go .

Me and Kijha Was Dressed and They Went To IHop For Breakfast. , We Ordered and we Recieved our Food.

Roc: Can I Ask You Something

Kijha: Yea Whats Up

Roc: What Was You Talking About Last Night !

Kijha: When ?

Roc: Didnt I Say Last NIght

Kijha: Yea But What I Say ?

Roc: You Kept Repeating He Did It.

Kijha: Huh ?

Roc: You Said He Raped You !

Kijha: Oh Bad Dream Thats All.

Roc: Didnt Seem Like Just A Dream.

Kijha: Well It Was , So Just Forget It !

(Prod Was Sleep , When Faith Just Jumpped On Him ,Trying To Wake Him Up)

Prod: What What !

Faith: Wake Up.

Prod: Its Bout Early Ass Fuck ,And You Telling Me To Wake Up !

Faith: I Made Plans For Us Today.

Prod: What Type Of Plans.

Faith: Just Get Up Lazy !

Prod: Ok Ok IM UP

Faith: You Have One Hour To Be Dressed and Readdy To Go !

(Jr. Was Crying While Nevaeh Was Changing His Diaper , and Prince Was Sleep)

NevaehPOV: I wish Prince Would Help Me Sometimes with Jr. Its Not Just My Baby. I Didnt Fuck My Self. Its Not Easy Taking Care Of Jr. On My Own. Exspecially When I Have A Husband To Help. Tooooo Bad He Dont Help !

Nevaeh: Prince WAKE UP !

Prince : ( rubbing his eyes ) What ?

Nevaeh : Don't what me !

Prince: Ehats going on baby!

Nevaeh: ( Starts tearing up ) I hate the fact I'm raising this baby on my own...

Prince: Im sorry, work has been killing me. Here hand the baby to me and go talk a bath ( hands her 1500 $ ) go cash out .

Neveah : Thanks Baby ( kiss him )

Kyla Pov :

Ray: Hey bae good morning

Kyla ( Runs to the bathroom )

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