Party At The Enemy House (2/2)

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Shailene grabbed my hand and walked straight through the crowd admiring the boys. We reached a glass door leading to the backyard. I looked through and saw people in the built-in pool. Some with bathing suits. Some with regular clothes. Some in bare skin.


"This party is dope!" Shailene said swaying to the music. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing! Nothing!" I say, looking around. Shailene smiled at some boy across the room standing in the corner looking at her. "Well, I think im'a go chat with that cutie!"

She walked away leaving me by myself. Awesome.

I looked around to see if I could find someone I knew. I couldn't really see anyone's face. Everyone was dancing to the DJ's music. I did see a table full of food.

I walked past the crowd of people to the food and examined. Chips and dip, shrimp, pretzles, a fruit display, water bottles and yogurt cups.

Lavender's choice of food isn't for a party, more like a yoga class.

"Well, well. Look who showed up." I turned around.

"UN-invited." said Janessa placing a hand on her hip. "Please tell me, why are you standing infront of me?"

I put on a smile.

"Oh, because when you have feet attached to your two legs you can use them to move places. *shrugs* I guess that's what I did."

Janessa rolled her eyes. "Leave. Nobody wants you here." She walked toward me.

I stepped up further. "No."

Janessa raised her eyebrow and looked back at Lavender.

"If she doesn't want to, then MAKE her." She winked, signaling Janessa.

"Gladly." She smirked, and picked up a water bottle. "Dasani." She opened the bottle and begin to drink. "Ahhh. Refreshing. Want some?" She held the bottle over my head and turned it 180°, making Lavender's yoga water spill down my face onto my outfit.

Everyone in the party stopped dancing and stared.

I couldn't gather up what just happend. I stood there like my feet glued to the floor, with my mouth in the shape of a perfect 'O'.

Janessa dropped the bottle making the rest of the water splash up hitting my legs. She smiled to herself, praising all of her "hard work" she put into lifting her arm over my head.

"That was refreshing." I said, looking around the table. I picked up a yogurt cup and opened it. "Strawberry." I stuck my finger in and tasted it. "Mmm. Sweet" I forced the yogurt to crush onto her tank top and shorts.

Janessa gasped. "OH. EM. GEE."

"Wait!" I picked up a cherry from the fruit table and placed it in her exposed bra. "Can't forget the cherry."

Rosa charged at me, fist ready. "HEY! HEY!" I stepped back and ran into Jacob.

"Fighting isn't neccesary. Okay? Janessa poured the water on Aleenia, and Aleenia got her back. That's it. No need to get your panties in a twist. Besides, it wasn't you that got a cherry in your bra, was it?" He waited for an answer but, only got a death stare. "No. It wasn't. So, calm down. C'mon, Leenia." He grabbed my hand and escorted me out the front door.

Leaving Lavender and her crew standing there at the food table.


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