A dream come true

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Niall was at home he is at home did I fucking mention that woo you got him mcdonalds and he loved loved you long time

Because ur hot like a sunrise

 Niall took u for a drive in his fucking Mercedes or whatev er the cool kids drive these days and he was all ‘ily babe will u go out with me and give me ur phone number ;cause we talk for like five minutes.’ And ur like ‘yes this is dream come true ‘ but then all of 1 direction pop out of boot and yell we luv u marry us all. U say ok butt u can’t fight over me. They say ok and you all get joint marriage b/c that is how sacred right work. As long as ur not gay.

Then u fuck them all jks u are too innocent for that. You eat subway (cause ur trying to be healthy) with them all instead. You say I love them all but secretly niall is ur fav. But it’s okay becayse they don’t know that.  Did I mention you’re a pretty white girl with a nice ass and blonde/brunette (whatever floats your boat) hair and blue eyes. Suddenly 1d all grow massive caterpillar dicks because that is ur fetish. (wtf is wrong with u?) you dance slowly like Hawaii girl and 1d bois dicks all dance with you. It is dream come true. Again. Ur life is so perf hahahahahhaa

Go burn in hell fucker.

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