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“So, Kelly, how can you explain everything that’s happened to you in the past year?” Giuliana Rancic, the interviewer from E! News, asks me. This is my second interview today, and I still have two more. Everything that’s happened in the past year. That’s a lot, but the biggest thing of it all is that I’m now considered a singing sensation, sort of like Justin Bieber, who I hang out with a lot since Scooter Braun is my manager. I was founded on YouTube after I did a few covers into my laptop’s camera. It’s crazy to say that it worked.

“Well, it’s a long story,” I start.

And here’s my story.

23 million fans, according to Twitter. One album released led to a worldwide tour with The Wanted. A number one hit single for 4 weeks, Weightless, and an album, Stay Beautiful, which sold over 2 million copies worldwide within a week.

I’m loving every single thing about my life right now; no more mutilating my body, I didn’t want my fans to think it was okay to do so, so I stopped. I’m more open-minded. I feel good about everything around me now. It’s almost perfect.

Except that I don’t have my old life.

I haven’t really spoken to Emily since the whole “Harry and I situation” happened, let alone talk to any of the guys. Most of all, I miss Niall.

I’ve spoken to Liam a few times over Twitter, but no one else. I’ve never wanted anything back as much as I want the relationship I had with the boys and Emily. We were like glue, all of us. I haven’t had a single alcoholic beverage since that night, I refuse to.

I always think about Niall and how much I still love him after all this time. After about two months of the drama, Emily and Niall had a little thing going on. I couldn’t help but feel hurt and torn to bits about it, but I knew it was because they were comforting each other about the whole thing. It still hurt me because she was my best friend. I told her things I’ve never told anybody else, except Niall. Niall opened me like a book, and if he thought I destroyed him when the whole thing happened, he was wrong. I was destroyed. I became a monster.

Last time I had ever seen the boys was when Scooter thought it was a good idea for us to do collaboration for Stay Beautiful. I didn’t really mind it, since I went to the studio with anybody, but I stayed in my own world there.


I was sitting on the couch with my little notepad that a fan had given me. I use it to write songs or do little doodles or take notes. Today’s the day One Direction comes to the studio to record with me. I felt a bit nervous, but I didn’t really mind. I came in my pajamas, as always, and my hair was in a bun. I had my leggings with my oversized light green sweater on top. Mason, the sound manger, came up to me and told me that the boys were on their way up. I nodded and continued to work on the small doodle I was doing of a shamrock.

The first one to come in was Liam.

“Kelly! Hey!” I look up from my drawing and see him standing there with his arms opened to give me a hug. I jumped up and run into his embrace. “We’ve missed you in the family.” I feel a little choked up, but I stay calm.

“I’ve missed you guys too, Liam.” He smiles and the next one to say hi is Zayn. He gives me a quick hug and follows Liam. Louis came up to me and looked me up and down.

“I’d expect you of all people to get a little dressed up coming out of a house to see people.”

“Well, this is my house. I practically live here.” I say pointing to the sound booth. He laughs and gives me a hug. He then goes to sit next to Zayn on the couch. Harry walks in the door and I run up to hug him.

“It’s so good to see you again, Kelly.” He says smiling.

“Same goes to all of you. I’ve missed having close friends.” He pulls away from me and that’s when I realized that I never actually liked him. When I look at him, all I see is such a great friend. Nothing more. But the next person I see, I don’t see the friend-zone.

Niall walks into the room with his head down.

“Hello.” His Irish accent is something I miss a lot.

“Hey.” He gives me a quick hug, and then heads to the couch. I turn to Mason and ask if everything’s ready, and he nods his head yes. “Okay guys.” I turn around to the boys now sitting on my couch. “Sound booth is ready. You guys all have your parts, so one at a time, go on in. I’ve got to make sure with Mason that nothing’s messed up, so bear with us.” The boys all nod their heads and they get started on singing.

Throughout the whole day, I reconnected with everyone, except Niall. He was very distant from me.

After the boys had left the studio, I decided to call Emily. We never actually talk anymore, just little hellos once and a while since we have Theater class together.

“Hello?” Emily’s voice brought a smile to my face. I miss her.

“Hey, how are you?”

“Good, you?”

“I’m fine. I’ve kind of heard that Harry has a new girlfriend? The guys were talking about her.” She lets out a soft sigh.

“Yeah, she’s supposedly really nice and funny.”

“Mhm, well, I’ve got to go. Have some editing to do with the new song, you know.”

“Yeah, I’ll text you later, okay?”

“Yeah, talk to you later, bye.”



“I missed it here, Mason.” Aside from being the sound manager, he’s also one of my only friends.

“I know you do, Kelly. The whole ride you were telling me how you wanted to come see how the town changed.” We drove from New York to come see the town I used to go to school in. We were only staying for the day, since that night I had to go back to the studio and record more songs.

As I was walking down the street, telling Mason about all the amazing things that have happened to me in the town, I see Emily walking hand-in-hand with Logan. She notices me and before she walks past me, she stops.

“Hey, long time no see.” I say to her standing closer to Mason.

“Yeah, long time is right. Looks like that time got you something great.” She says obviously talking about the music.

“Looks like it did the same to you.” I say looking at Logan. “Hey, man.” He smiles at me then kisses Emily on the cheek.

“Yeah, we’ve been dating for about 6 months already.” She smiles at him and gives him a kiss. She looks back at me with saddened eyes. “How’s Harry been doing?” I look down, and then up at the sun.

“Don’t really know. I only actually speak to Liam. I don’t think the others actually like me anymore.” She nods her head.

“Yeah, Liam’s the best. Well, we’ve got to go. I’ll talk to you later.” I nod my head and she walks away. I look up at Mason and he’s looking down at me. Although he’s 20, he’s a young kid at heart. His light green eyes shine brightly against his tan skin and his jet black hair. He smiles at me and then starts walking with me again. I’m happy she’s not being mean about the whole situation.


“But, long story short, it’s been a hell of a time.” She laughs at my response, and we finish the interview.

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