Chapter 14: Covering the Famous Host Club

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"Welcome back ladies!" the hosts said as the doors were opened to the outdoor garden. Tamaki decided to have club outside today, and everyone seemed to be happy with the decision. All the hosts were wearing kimonos as they talked with the ladies. Kosei walked into the garden with sheet music in hand. Haruhi was the first to notice him, and was about to call for him. When Haruhi got a good look though she could tell that the boy wasn't his usual self. He had a bit of a frown on his face, and he was looking over the music sheets he held. "Kosei!" Haruhi called. He looked up from his music and smiled, walking over to her. "Hey Haruhi! How are club activities going today?" He asked holding the sheet music in his arms and to his chest, away from peering eyes. "It's going well. I think that I'm finally used to all the crazyness that comes with the host club, took me long enough." Haruhi said as the boy pushed his glasses up. "I don't think that I will ever get used to the club." He said with a laugh. "Today is nice though, peaceful with the flowers and all." He noted looking around. "Yea, it is very nice and -" "HARUHI!" Both Kosei and Haruhi were pushed down by Tamaki who had come running at them full speed. He pushed them to the ground just as a ball flew over their heads. "peaceful huh?" Kosei said as he watched  Tamaki yell at the twins for almost hitting Haruhi. The boy got up and held his hand out for Haruhi. She took it and they both stood up. "Oh here, you dropped this." She said bending to pick up the sheet music. Kosei jumped past her quickly grabbing all the music before she could get a good look. "Oh! Thanks Haruhi! I got it all!" He said quickly tucking the sheets into his bag. Haruhi was about to ask him why he was acting so strange when... "It's not our fault you can't catch a ball boss!" the twins shouted as Tamaki chased after them. "You think I'm no good at catching? Well check out my kicking!" Tamaki said putting the ball on the ground and dramatically kicking it. We all watched as the ball flew through the air and into a window of the school. As everyone freaked out and started running to the school Kosei paused. Remembering when Tsubaki would hit the baseballs through the school window hitting him. He couldn't help but smile at the memories. He looked at his bag where his music sheets were hidden. He smiled, really looking forward to his first ever written original piece of music. But he wanted to keep it a secret for now, and he wanted to make it perfect for Tsubaki. He heard his name being called and he followed the host club into the school to see what Tamaki had broken with his ball. 

-Newspaper Club- 

"I am so terribly sorry." Tamaki said bowing in apology to the newspaper president, Akira. "No, not at all. It could have happened to anyone right? A ball flying through the window and hitting me directly in the head." Kosei, Hunny, and Haruhi were cleaning the glass that was broken while Kyoya and Tamaki handled the talking. The twins were reading some of the papers that were printed. "Please! Accept my apology." Tamaki said again. "Well this works out perfectly! I was thinking of doing a cover story on the Host Club for the newspaper." Akira said. "I didn't know that we had a newspaper club." Kosei said. "It's not really a newspaper, more like a gossip column on the people at Ouran." The twins said looking through the papers. "Yes, it is true that the newspaper has lost sight of what we originally wanted to do. But our eyes have been opened, and we want to give the people what they want. And that is your Host Club. We only have one more paper this semester to print and if it doesn't sell well then our club will be over. Please. Can we do a piece on your club?" the president asked as the other two members bowed before us. Tamaki smiled. He was about to say yes when Kyoya pushed him back and said. "We will have to decline." Tamaki protested, but was ignored by Kyoya. "We have policies that state that we can't share any personal information with anyone besides our guests, but we would love to cover any medical costs that the injuries will bring." Kyoya said, continuing to push Tamaki back as he tried to protest. "Why would we want to put our reputation at risk with you guys anyway? you have been shady before." the twins said. "Geez these guys are not showing any mercy." Kosei thought at the president accepted Kyoya's answer. "I guess all that we can do at this point is disband with grace." He said turning to the other two members of his club. "No!" Tamaki said pushing past Kyoya. "We can help you guys fix your reputation. The host club can help you!" He said. "Count us out." the twins said folding their shoulders. "Us too." Kyoya said. Everyone started walking out of the room and Tamaki was heart broken. They all left the room and Akira frowned. "Chikage. Go do some digging and see if you can find any dirt on any members of the host club. I have a feeling we aren't done with them yet."  

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