In Love with a White Boy?OVER MY DEAD BODY!!

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Chapter 8

Zane POV

As I watched my brothers kiss jamela a small part of me wanted to murder them. She was mine, I had wanted her since she first got here, I was just messing with her when I agreed that we wouldn't mind sharing her but in reality if I got her no one else would have her and I would make that clear as possible in any way that I could. 

My heart almost stopped when she turned to me waiting, I could tell she was hesitant, as if she thought something was going to happen, but I refuse to let her get away without kissing me I have to know what it feels like to have those lips on mine, her beautiful full lips. 

I grabbed her around the waist and brung her to me, I looked into her eyes to see how well she was reacting to me being this close, she wasn't reacting in a bad way so I slowly brung my lips to hers and almost gasped at the feeling I got. I know im a guy but right now I feel like a chick who just got their first kiss. Her lips were so soft they couldn't compare to anything so I don't know how to describe them but the feeling I got when I kissed her was magical. It was just a simple kiss no tongue but It still felt wonderful I could kiss her like this forever and I almost did if it wasn't for my dickhead of a brother 

"umm excuse me" Zanders voice broke through my thoughts 

Cant he see I was enjoying myself, what the hell is his problem. I looked at him and he smirked at me but was talking to jamela 

"I thought you didn't do white guys"  

You could practically hear the smirk in Zanders voice, I found myself smiling at his rhetorical question because it was true, she had told us that she didn't do white boys but her actions just now contradicted what she tried to embed into our heads every time we hit on her 

"I don't" 

She didn't sound too confident in her words though I could practically see the wheels turning in her head as she tried to think about what just happened. Zander followed the guys into the car while I stood there wanting to kiss her again and I wasn't leaving until I got what I wanted 

"umm I think I should go"  

she whispered in the most beautiful voice it sounded kind of shy but had a hint of shock to it like she was amazed, I don't think she even knew she was whispering, I leaned down and kissed her once more then whispered into her ear in my so called sexy voice 

" Ill see you on Monday"  

I watched as her knees buckled a little but she stood straight ignoring it for a second I thought I was gonna have to catch her. When I was sure she wasn't going to drop I turned around and hopped into the car,damn I didn't think I had that much of an effect on her and I don't even think she realized it. This just proves it she will be mine and I wont stop until she is. 

==========================================================================================================================================Later at the house

"Hey Zane" I heard the guys call to me when we stepped into the house 


"you actually like her right?" zanders asked 

"yea I mean we know you zane I hope she isn't gonna be one of your hit it and quit its"zach voiced his opinions 

"Im thinking the same zane she's real cool I don't want to see her hurt and we wont help you get her if your only intentions is to fuck her" Zachariah told me. 

I was shocked was this really what I did with other girls I mean the only reason I ever fucked them and called it quits was because they were ok with it, I think, I always told them I wasn't interested in a relationship so why would they be hurt 

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