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“Good morning!” Cameron greeted me.


“How are you feeling this morning?”

“Normal I guess. I don’t remember anything from last night though.” I shrugged.

“You don’t remember anything at all?” he looked concerned.

“Well, I remember bumping into Noah and then crying. Nothing after that.”

“Okay then. You cried for a bit and then we came back here. You cried some more and then you fell asleep.” Cameron explained.

“I’m sorry for all the crying. I ruined the party for you.”

“Don’t apologize. Noah hurt you and seeing him brought back the memories. I understand.”

“Thanks for being there for me, Cam.”

“No problem. Now get dressed. We’re going out for breakfast.”


“Do you want to go to the park?” I offered.

We had just finished eating and were trying to find something to do today.

“You don’t mind? Because of the memories and all.” Cameron asked concerned.

“I’ll be fine. I’ve been thinking about what Noah said last night.” I said. “He was right. It has been two years since we’re over and I should just get over it.”

“Don’t feel bad about it. Just take your time’ you’ll get over it.” Cameron said. “There’s no rush.”

“Yeah, I know. But I really want to move on, that way maybe I can learn to trust guys again. Maybe even start dating again soon. I think the best way to get over Noah is to live as if it never happened.”

“Oh, I get it. Let’s go to the park then.” Cameron agreed.

The park was a ten minute walk from where we were. On the way there, we talked about anything and everything.

“Uh Bridget; look who’s here.” Cameron said when we got to the park.


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