As she walked down the hall Clara Paige held about five note books in her hand. She had a big test this morning and she was running late for the first period. She adjusted her glasses and straightened her hair. She looked at the clock on her watch. Nine seventeen. "Shit." she said. She was supposed to be in class by nine thirteen. She approached the classroom full of eager teenagers. Her eyes searched the room for her mödainien teacher Mrs. Latermiere. She wasnt in plain site. So, she walked into the classroom only to be greeted by her two friends Eli and Jane. "Hey there's the birthday girl!" Eli said hugging her bottom waist. "A little low there E," Jane said. Eli let her go but Jane hugged her next. "Thank you guys, I even forgot it was my birthday." she said. "Well we both gotcha a little something just for you."  Eli said. "What'd mean you little boy I bought this with my own expenses." Jane said handing clara a black box. She opened it to what to her surprise was a pink and black charm bracket from body central. "Oh my gosh, jane, how did you get this, these aren't out for another week or two." Clara asked. Jane shrugged and smiled "my mom has the new edition so this is a replica." Jane said. "Well, I still love it." she said sitting at there circled table. "So Eli where's your gift?" Jane asked smartly. "Uh I'm working on it." he said. "Sure you are, anyway Clara, can I see your homework?" Jane asked. "What, no its my birthday, you should've did it." she said. "Come on, just tell me the answers I know you have them." she said. Clara handed her her paper. "You owe me." she said. "What? Oh no, do you know how much that bracket was even for only a replica?" If anything, you owe me." Jane said. "And what the hell does yerpæ de mänoino mean?" She asked. Clara laughed and so did Eli. "What, what's so funny?" Jane asked. "Nothing Jane nothing." Eli said. There teacher came in, good morning class," she said. "Good morning mrs. Latermiere." the class moaned. She wrote some notes on the board and told the class to copy it.

"Hey, Clara, unheard there's a party at black out tonight, you wanna go?" Eli said. He was trying to make up for not getting her a gift. Clara smiled. "I gotta thing about it." she said. He nodded. Jane looked up at Eli and then Clara she rolled her eyes and went back to her homework.


At lunch, Clara and Jane sat together eating there lunch, well Clara did anyway, Jane just played with hers, poking her mash potato's around. "So Eli told me there's this party called the blackout tonight right, he said that it's supposed to be the most outrageous party of the century and..." she looked at Jane who was staring off in the far not even paying attention to her. Clara took off her glasses. " Jane?" she asked. Jane's eyes slowly blinked to her. "What's up with you?" she asked. Jane shook her head but had her second thoughts. She took a deep exhale. "Clara," she said. Clara lifted an eyebrow in code saying "yes."

"mind me asking, you might think this is funny, but um, by any chance do you like Eli?" she asked. Clara lifted an eyebrow again. "No... Why do you?" she asked. Jane's face flushed pink. "What? no I just wanted to know." she said. It was almost time to leave. "Want me to drive you home?" Clara asked. "No, I'll walk." Jane said getting up from her seat.  Clara watched her leave. "Hey birthday girl," a deep voice said from behind Clara she reconzized the voice as Eli's. He sat next to her. "Hey." she said. "Whatcha up to?" he asked. She shrugged. "I think there's something wrong with Jane." she said. He looked in the direction of Jane walking in the distance. "Eh, she'll be ok." he said turning back to Clara. "So, you figure out what you gonna do tonight?" he asked. She turned her head to him. "Eh, I don't know, do I have to?" she asked rubbing her neck. "No,  it's your birthday I'm not gonna plan it for you." he said. She puckered her lips and stroked her chin. "Alright fine, but on one condition." she said. She stood up and so did he. He was about 6,3 she was mostly 5,5 so she was short. "You have to promise me that you won't leave me this time." she said. She remembered the time last year he left her at the the nightingale. "Hey that wasn't my fault smart one." he said. She shook her head. "Walk me to my car goof ball." she said.


"Please mom pretty please?!" Clara asked her mom as she followed her mom around the house. Her mother, Monica turned around. "No Clara you may not go to that party, your only seventeen!" her mother said. "Ok but what if I beg you really really hard?" she asked.  Her mother exhaled. "Clara I said no. And how old is Eli anyway, he looks to old for you Clara." she said.  Clara stood in the kitchen with her hands on her hips. She stared out the window, there was a full moon out. Suddenly the door bell rang. She strutted to the door and opened it. "Well hello girly." Eli said as he handed Clara  a dozen roses. She took them in her arms. He looked at her from head to toe. "What the hell are wearing?" he asked. She closed the door behind her so her mother wouldn't hear. "The HBIC said I couldn't go." she sighed. "Well, that sucks for you then."  he said. She punched him in the arm. "Ow, well what do you want me to do?" he asked softly. She shrugged. "It's not that late, we can go to the shore." she said stepping down the steps of her house. He shoved his hands in his pockets. "Yeah I guess, if you want to." he said. "Alright then, let's start walking before my mom starts to spaz." she said. He chuckled.

They started walking down the dirt road.


"I don't know, I mean I love my mom but sometimes she can really erk somebodies nerves." Clara said as she laid in the cool sand next to Eli. "Well at least you have a mom," Eli said. She opened her eyes to see him facing the sky. "Well thanks for killing the mood." she said. He smiled. "You should be grateful you have a mother Clara, I didn't have a father either." he said. She sat up on her elbows and rocked her head back and forth. "Omg Eli, I'm sorry but it's my birthday, do you really wanna talk about your problems or mine?" she said. He chuckled. "Neither." he mumbled. "Huh?" she asked

He shook his head. "Well to ease the tension." he reached into his pocket only to pull out a black box with her name on it. Metaphorically speaking. He handed her the box." I know I know, I didn't have to get you anything." he joked

She sat up and crossed her legs. "Actually you did."  she said. As she opened the box, she found a really beautiful necklace. With a tiny wolf figure on it. She picked it up. "Oh my god, Eli you didn't." she said. He smiled and looked back up to the night sky. She put the box in the sand. "Here let me." Eli said. He connected the two pieces of the necklace. She smiled. "You are the most best friend a girl could asked for." she said kissing his cheek. He was shocked for a moment but the smiled. As he looked at the sky for one last time. His smile went away. "Uh, it's getting late, we better get going." he said standing up. "Not uh, your are not leaving me on my birthday again." she said in an annoying tone. He exhaled. "I'm sorry but it's really getting late." he said again. And by this she stood up with her hands on her hips. "Eli, it's exactly 10:20, you can't stay for twenty more minutes, please?" she asked taking his hand into hers. He looked at her for a minute and then detached his hand from hers and began walking. "I can not believe you, you do this shit every fucking year Eli!" she yelled after him. He stopped walking and turned around. "Do you want a ride home or not?" he asked. She shook her head. "No, I'll walk." she said. He grabbed her arm and they were chest to chest as her turned her to him. "Clara, I am really sorry, but I really have to go." he said. She exhaled. "Can you at least tell me why?" she asked. He bowed his head. ."Right forget I asked." she said disconnecting her self from him. He grabbed her again but this time with out warning they're lips met in an instant. Kissing Eli was like throwing up a rainbow and then eating it again, it was like freedom rained, her heart opened into a new light.

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