Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer

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Andy Grave Frost's POV

"Have you heard the news Andy?"

"I have William."

"Well what do you think about it Andy?"Maria asked.

"I think she is trying to spy more in depth.And get closer to the enemy."

"Honey what about the one where she is dating that Draco Malfoy."Brokell asked.

"It's funny to me because we were going to send her with his parents for the marriage."I laughed.

"It is and it's funny that your Krystahl is dating Harry because she was going to end up with him anyway."Brokell chuckled.

"I don't like it."

"Oh hush up William you are just saying that because your her father."Maria said.

"That's true Maria she is.Aren't you the least bit worried about Jenny,Andy?"William questioned.

"Welll kind of.I mean we are going to send her with them one way or another.And i am her father and she is my only daughter.So I am not that worried."

"Andy go get me some Hot Cheetos with Lemon and bean dip please."

"Yes Brokell.You pregnat women eat a lot of stuff you know that."

"Yes I know at least your not giving birth.It's your fault I am even pregnat again."She swatted me in the back of the head.I grumbled and left to get her food.When I came back the Maria and Brokell were laughing and William was on th floor with his face first on the floor.

"What happened?"

"Your wife and mine that's what happened they are so evil."

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