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Chapter two - groups.

You might walk around in the streets, or at school and hear someone be called a name. Emo, goth, mosher, chav, nerd, weirdo, geek. These are groups in society. They're not always good, and people can be offended, but they're still groups. If you've been called either of these, don't worry. If everybody was the same, then no one could be different, so what would be the point?

These groups show people that if you want to change something about yourself, do it. If you want a tattoo, a piercing, a stretcher, that's fine. Go and get one. It's your body so it's up to you what you do with it. 

If you can't see what the real problem is in society is, then look at yourself. You're a part of it. If people judge you because they don't look like you, or you don't like their style, tough. That person is fine the way they are. They shouldn't let you tear them down because you want everything to be perfect. Well guess what? Nothing is perfect, that only happens in the films when their life has a script. I don't think any one is perfect, I may say it but they're not. I feel mean saying you're not perfect. But I have my opinion and you have yours. I'm allowed to say my opinion here because this is my story. If you want your opinion to matter, then write your own story. I know I want mine to matter.

Where was I? Oh yes, groups. People label other people when they are different, some of the labels I mentioned before. What will you achieve by calling someone an emo, chav, mosher etc... Will it pay your bills when you're older? Will it get you into university? Exactly. So whats the point in it? Why do you still judge people and call them names if you know it's getting you no where in life.

Some people do it because of peer pressure, others do it because they're stupid. Which one do you fall under? If I'm honest, I wouldn't like to be classed under any. Why? Because then you'll be another label in society. You'd be called 'idiots'. Why's that? Because you're going to label people, they might take it offensively and get upset about it. Depression can lead to self harm, anorexia, suicide. You might think I'm over reacting, I'm not.

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