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I was a simple person back then. I was average, low self esteem, fat and lazy. I didn't like effort, and I really didn't like couples or even the thought of a love life. My name is Caitlynn, but I hate that name with a passion, so most call me 'Lynn. Unlike most girls my age, (17) I wasn't all convinced and sucked into that deep hole of fandom for One Direction. Like it's just 5 guys. Come on. There's millions of UK and Irish guys, why are they so important? 'They can sing' I'm sure if almost anyone tried they could. This is what I used to think, but after meeting them, well more gorging my face with them, gave me a different opinion of them.

I remember the day; I was being my fat self. I was on my way to the nearest restaurant, which was Nandos. I had convinced myself I needed to diet, so I ordered salads. I'm big let's say. Many oh many people tell me, 'I wish I was your size'. They've never seen my stomach, or my thighs. Or have seen me eat. I'm almost 200lbs. U N H E A L T H Y! I'm over weight. I had ordered 3 salads. I hadn't had lunch and I'd gotten off from work, an hour ago. I spent my lunch break roaming for something 'healthy' but to no avail. So here I am, with my tray of 3 salads. And out of nowhere, everything is sideways?

"Ouch!" I wail, I'm on the floor.

Where's the tray? Where are my salads? MY FOOD! Whoever has me on the floor, whoever's responsible better pay for it.

I start to get up. A guy with a strong accent helps me up.

"Sorry darling, 'you alright? You sure took a fall, I bumped into you and you were on the floor in no time."

I look up to see who it is. My first thought was "Good he's rich he can pay for my food." It wasn't "OH MY GOD ONE DIRECTION BOY! I GET TO MEET HIM!!!"

It was Niall Horan.

"Yes I'm fine thank you.... Could you pay to get me more food?"

I'm out of cash so I have no choice. As soon as the words are out, I feel embarrassed.

What if he thinks I'm poor?

"Course! It was my mistake after all." He was so kind and upbeat about it.

"Are you alone? You want to sit with us?"

My first thought was 'Us?' but before I could answer I was sat down with the rest of One Direction. They all greeted me like we were old friends, introducing each other. They asked my name.


Niall came back with the food. It was for all of us. They were all so kind and outgoing. Weren't they worried about paparazzi or something?

We ate. I had no shame. I was hungry. I ATE. They didn't care. They were eating too. I felt better.

They weren't calling me a fatass.

"So what's it like?" I vaguely to start a conversation.

"Being in a band?" Zayn questions.

"Looking so good?" Chimed Harry.

"Eating Nandos all the time?" Chuckled Niall.

"Being hoarded by girls?" said Liam.

"Its cool, recording and everything, paparazzi can be annoying sometimes though." Louis said, understanding my question.

It was getting late.

"I'm sorry again for bumping into you 'Lynn. And remember. "You're Beautiful." Niall half-sang.

He doesn't mean it.

"Its fine have a nice night, it was nice meeting you." I walk off in the direction of my apartment.

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