chapter one

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okay so my name is Sara im 16 but i dont look or act my age the only problem is im to short for my age  i use to live in a small place call Utah yes not a lot of you would know about that but its great for snowboarding and stuff like that cause it snows a lot like no joke its freezing here i know live in California  but anyways. I meet Louis in the mall i was by my self cause i need new clothes for school so i just went by my self and then i bump in to someone and i look up and there he was looking like a goddes it was the best thing in the whole wide world i didnt know what to say so i just stood there looking like an idiot but then he spoke 

are you okay?

uh um yes 

okay whats your name??

um its Sara 

what a lovely name im L

i know who you are haha i think everyone in the mall knows 

oh yeah true haha so why are you alone if you dont mind me asking 

nah it totally fine i was school shopping and i was close by so i just stoped 

oh cool do you mind if i join you?

um well no its okay :) 

thats how it all started 

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