Chapter 6

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*Dedication to Silently because she eats waffles and chocolate. Not that this chapter has anything to do with waffles or chocolate...*

Also, I've written "blonde" in this chapter, and I'd like to say that that's the way us brits spell it, sorry to confuse any Americans. 


He pulled up outside Ruby’s house at 25 past 7. He got out and awkwardly walked up to her door. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d taken a girl out for dinner, even if it was only because she wasn’t eating. He knocked on her door and suddenly felt like a nervous teenager again. He was pretty sure that the whole reason he was taking her out was because she hadn’t eaten, nothing else included. He did also want to find out what was wrong with her. While he was organizing his thoughts, she suddenly appeared in the doorway. She smiled broadly.

     “Hello. Come in, I won’t be two seconds.” She stepped to the side to let him in.  He stepped into her living room and she followed him inside.

     “You can sit if you want.” She gestured to her cream leather three-piece sofa. “Let me just find my bag and we’re good to go.” She smiled.

     “Thanks.” He sat and Ruby opened the shoe cave and started rummaging about. “You look nice.” Nice wasn’t even close. She looked stunning, beautiful, but he didn’t want to sound creepy or weird. She was wearing black skinny jeans with a loose cream blouse and black patent leather high heels. Her long brunette hair styled into a classy side bun.

     “Thanks. So do you.” She replied. He had on blue jeans with a white long-sleeved shirt. “Got it!” She exclaimed whilst backing out of the shoe cave carrying a small leather handbag. “You ready?”

     “Yes, let’s go.” He replied.

They left the house and walked to the car in silence.

     “I haven’t done this since god-knows when.” He said, once they were driving.

     “Me neither. I feel like a teenager again if truth be known.” Ruby blushed.

     “Me too.” He murmured, so quietly he couldn’t be sure if she’d heard him.

     “Where’re we going anyway?” She asked after a few minutes.

     “Just a little place I know of.” It was dark so he couldn’t quite see her face but he could imagine the slightly annoyed expression.

     “Does it have a name?”

     “As a matter of fact, it does. How did you know?”

     “Don’t be sarcastic.”

     “Ask a stupid question-”

     “Yeah, yeah I know. Get a stupid answer.” She sighed.

     “Come on; don’t go all moody teenager on me. We’re not far away now.”

     “I’m not going moody teenager on you! I’m just…” She trailed off.

     “Irritable? Dizzy? Hungry? Exhausted?”

She sighed and rolled her eyes in the dark.

     “Don’t roll your eyes at me.” He murmured into the velvet darkness.

     “Wha-how did you know?”

     “I know you.” He replied simply.

     “You may know me better than myself.” She muttered quietly.

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