63: Not your beautiful Nightmare, Challenge accepted, Going against the Beast

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Out of no where, the blackness around disappeared and I heard a rather familiar voice trying to get my attention.

“Are you even listening to me wolf chick?..geez its like I’m a wall here, hello anybody in there?.”

“Calm down, no need to shout and yes I hear you fine, and why am I in my polka dots PJs?..”

“How should I know? This is your dream not Inception Einstein.”

Standing in the hallways talking to my good friend Aria. Well she got one part right, this was a rather unusual dream. Usually my dreams were conquered by Vince, but I guess he was a no show tonight? Hmm I guess its nice to have someone else in my dreams for a change..

I smiled returning my attention back to my rather worried friend.

“I think his serious about me. I don’t think I can’t stay much stronger avoiding him even though he is our enemy..”
I rolled my eyes and sighed putting a hand on her shoulder for reassurance.

“Your not his enemy, I am technically speaking, and Roman isn’t that bad. His changed a lot after meeting you Riri. ”

“Do you think so?..”
“Sure, I mean its not like his chasing after those cheerio barbies anymore..oh look there he is now” I smiled as Aria looked at her hero coming her way.

I let go of her as she ran straight to his arms. Hmm look at that, my dreams to have happy ending for some people after all.

Turning around the scene around me suddenly changed. Wait. Wasn’t I just in school?

Walking bare feet on the fresh cut grass I saw my father and Denise off in the distance. The

“Hey guys!..” I waved.

But they just walked right past me. Like they didn’t even hear me.

Strange. Aria and I were speaking a moment ago so then why can’t I communicate with them?

“They can’t hear you.”

I turned around in surprise to meet Mickey blue eyes.

“Hector?..” he laughed giving me a bear hug.  Wearing his jeans and what seemed like a rain coat he smiled in delight.

“Of course its me who else would it be? Cute PJs..”

He put me down and I shoved him away immediately. I’m not meant to be talking to this guy; yet alone seeing him. Vincent told me all about Hector and his sly ways and I don’t think I should be getting involved at all with him.

“Why are you avoiding me?..”

“Is it that obvious?.” I said not the least surprised.

“Hey c’mon I miss my cherry pie.” He pinched my cheeks but I slapped his hands away, giving him a cold glare. I hate it when he calls me cherry.

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