Chapter 4: BLEED IT OUT!!!!!!

Unknown Pov.

Hehehehe Damon has officially lost it. Damon is falling for a human I can't believe it. This makes me wanna laugh at him in his face. Maybe I can kill her while I am at it. Wait. I can use this as an advantage. Hahaha Soon Damon will realize that he is a Vampire that needs to have no emotions and he will come running to me. But I have to wait a little longer before I make my appearance. Hahahahaha. I jumped down from the tree I was in and ran at vampire speed to my hiding place.

Sasha's Pov

I was walking with my friends when I heard his voice calling out to me. Then I heard Emily's voice in my head. Remember act like the compelling worked don't give any signs that that you remember.

I turned around to see Damon jogging up to me and I smiled.

"Hey how are you doing?" he asked

"Yeah im fine why do you ask?" I wondered

"Oh well Elena was having a panic attack and Jamie and Sarah were arguing. So it made me think that something happened to you." He replied smoothly.

"Yeah well im fine don't worry about me. Uhm do you wanna come with us to get dinner or do you just want to hang out?" I asked.

"Well I wanted to talk to you......... Alone if you don't mind?" he asked

"Yeah sure I'll be happy to." I said and smiled. You're making him suspicious don't overdo it!

Well how am I supposed to act then jeez calm down Emily.

Damon walked over to the edge of the forest and I followed him. I motioned for my friends to walk ahead of me . When I caught up to him he stopped walking.

"That rose fits you." He said

"Oh really thanks my mother gave it to me" I lied perfectly.

"well I wanted to talk to you...... people are going missing and ill be really scared if you went missing so I want you to not go in the forest with out me okay?" he asked

"yeah sure ........ I think this is your way of saying that you want to spend time with me." I said while poking his face and smiling.

"Oh I know you are not talking." He said as he wraps his arms around my waist.

"or is it that you are so scared for me that if something did happen you will go crazy?" I asked

"Maybe both but I still do want you out of my sight okay?"

"Okay Mr. Tough guy lets see if you can protect me now?" I said as I broke free from him and started running down the beach to the water.

I heard him chasing after me. As I was running I managed to get my clothes off until I was only in my bra and panties and jumped into the water.

When I came up for air I saw Damon with his shirt off looking like a Greek god I almost died off of not breathing. So there he is Standing there in all his glory well he had boxers on but still. Wow. Then he started walking towards me.

"Like what you see" he asked

"Is that a trick question?" I asked

" wow you know me so well" He replied then he kissed me.

The kiss was so I don't know the right word passionate no its steamy yep the kiss was very steamy wait that is not the word okay let stick with unimaginable. The way our lips move in sync and the way his arms wrapped around me not wanting to let go. The way I fit perfectly in his arms. But it all had to end when Elena screamed from joy.

We broke apart to see Elena, Jamie and Sarah sitting by the edge of the water watching us.

" So when are you guys gonna get over the kitty stuff and say I love ya?" Sarah asked

"Sarah!" Elena said

" It takes time to admit that stupid." Jamie said.

" And the moment is ruined by my 3 best friends Good Job." I said as I walked out the water and put my clothes on.

"Guys guys! Come Quick Something happened." I heard Alina Yell.

We all got up and ran after her into the forest. When we caught up to her and we stop at a cliff and we saw her scared face.

"Alina whats wrong?" I asked

All she did was point below us. None of us was prepared for what we saw.


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