Chapter 5

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"I cannot believe they got a dog!" Amanda said laughing.

"Yeah! Surprise, surprise. Leave it to Niall to make an impromptu decision like that..." Harry said with a laugh.

The two of them had just dropped the kids off at Dani and Niall's house, and were now driving away.

"The bracelet idea was pretty adorable though..." Amanda admitted.

"You think so?" Harry asked. "I could do something so much cuter than that!" 'These boys,' Amanda thought, 'always make everything a competition.'

"Oh could you?" she said crossing her arms.

"Yes, ma'am." Harry said, reaching over for her hand. He rubbed circles into it, and continued driving.

"So..." Amanda said, after a few minutes of silence. "Where are you taking me, Mr. Styles?"

"That's for me to know, and you to figure out, Mrs. Styles." Harry said with a wink.

'Even after 4 years of marriage, the name Mrs. Styles still gives me chills. I still don't know how I was lucky enough to get him.' Amanda thought to herself.

"We passed Costco." Amanda said as the car drove past the entrance.

"Yeah, I know." Harry said. "Why?"

"Well, I figured we'd end up going food shopping." Amanda said.

Harry pretended to look hurt. "You mean to tell me that you think I was going to take you to Costco, Amanda Marie Styles?! You seriously think that I'm so unromantic that I was going to take my wife of 4, almost 5, years to Costco on our one day together?! Now, that...that hurts!" Harry said while dramatically pulling his hand up to his chest.

"Babe, I don't know! That's just how life is when you have kids!" Amanda said with a laugh.

"Well, today, we have no kids. Today, it's just me and you." Harry said, looking over and smiling at his love. Harry continued to drive for what seemed like ages. Amanda began to get quite sleepy, and closed her eyes.

"Babe, wake up..." Amanda heard and felt someone kissing her cheeks. "We're here." She looked up and saw Harry's green eyes staring into hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him into a hug.

Harry went with it, and held his girl for a few minutes. 'I love this about her.' Harry thought to himself. 'Every time she wakes up, she loves cuddling for a few minutes before doing anything. Ever since we were first married, she'd wake up, and cuddle into me. It's like she can't wake up without cuddling with me first.' He rubbed circles into her back, and held onto her until he felt her loosen up.

"Ready, my sweets?" Harry asked, kissing her forehead.

"Yeah, I'm ready." She said, smiling. Harry reached for her hand, and pulled her out of the car. He shut the door behind her, and led her to the trunk. Inside the trunk was a picnic basket and a guitar.

"When did you do this?" Amanda asked, still groggy but starting to wake up.

"When you weren't looking." Harry said with a smile. He grabbed the basket and guitar in one hand and had Amanda's hand in the other. He began to lead her through a field.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"You'll see." Harry said, while walking in front of her. 'I love this about him,' Amanda thought. 'Ever since we were first married, he's taken the role of being the "man" very seriously. Every time we walk somewhere new, like when we go hiking or mountain climbing, he always walks ahead of me to ensure it's safe. I love how safe he makes me feel.'

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