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Amethyst’s POV

                I felt my knees give way and I crashed to the ground in a heap of broken bones and blood. Pain shot up my leg and resonated throughout my entire body. I winced as I tried to move, but the slightest flex of my muscles caused excruciating pain. I let my body go lax, though even that hurt. I laid there completely still. I silently begged the Gods to show mercy. No more pain… Please, just no more pain. I heard loud footsteps come to a stop right beside me. I instinctively curled into a ball, even though that one move brought tears to my eyes and caused me to gasp in pain.

                I heard him snicker and bend down until I felt his breath fan across my face. Chills spread through my body and I flinched away from him. He grabbed a fist full of hair and snatched my head back. I clenched my eyes shut, refusing to look at him. I heard his low growl and it caused my heart to speed up. “Look at me, fille stupide.” He spat out. I reluctantly opened my eyes, only because my body couldn’t take any more abuse. His cold gray eyes bore into mine. They swirled with pain and anger. His dark eyebrows were furrowed in the center as he studied my face.

                “You look so much like him, it sickens me.” He growled out. I had made myself numb to statements like this long ago. I said nothing, just stared at him. Suddenly his face turned soft, no doubt remembering Aiden. My sweet Aiden…

'Though he was looking at me, I could tell he was no longer seeing me. He was only seeing Aiden. “Why couldn’t you have died?” he asked me quietly.

Pain lanced through me upon hearing that question. Why couldn’t I have? I asked myself that every day. I was shocked by the tears that threatened to spill out of my own eyes. It had been so long since I had allowed myself to feel anything other than physical pain. Yet when I looked so deeply into those gray eyes, so familiar to Aiden’s… When I saw the pain that they held… I couldn’t help it. I looked down at the stone floor. I felt my throat tighten and start to burn. I would not cry in front of him.

 “I don’t know. Though I wish I had.” I whispered, looking back up. For a split second, I hoped I would get through to him. I hoped however foolish it was. I hoped he would once again love me. All I wanted was to hear him call me his daughter once again. Confusion seemed to mask his face, but only for a split second. His eyes clouded over in anger once again and he growled out, “But you didn’t. Je vous deteste.” And with that he slammed my head down, causing it to bounce off the ground with a loud CRACK. I only felt the blast of pain for a moment, until the blissful darkness overcame me. Thank the Gods.

I slowly came awake to a pounding in my head. I groaned and was positive that my skull was exploding. I couldn’t even move for fear that it would hurt worse. I laid there for what seemed like hours until I slowly drifted back to sleep. Sleep was the only place it didn’t hurt. Sleep… Yes, sleep was what I needed.

I didn’t wake for days. I could tell only because there were four trays with water and stale bread slid against the wall. I guess they assumed since I was knocked out, I only needed bread and water when I woke up. I sat up much too quickly and felt my whole head throb in pain. I gasped and turned and emptied my stomach. It was only acid, for I hadn’t eaten anything in days. I burned and caused tears to come to my eyes. I angrily wiped them away and lay back down on my “mattress”. This was the most pitiful excuse of a mattress. It was a few blankets that reeked of piss and blood tossed in the corner of my small room with a pillow that was infested with bugs. I sighed and tried not to breathe too deeply.

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