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Dalono P.O.V

I woke up in Joel's bed. Last night was a memorable moment.I looked around to see if i Joel was still here, but he wasn't. Hmmm, he must be in the shower.

Getting up to go check, i heard the door knob turn.

" Eeep!!" i said while dodging under the bed. Ha Ha, i said eep.

Joel stepped in and flopped on the bed. I heard him move around a little and then his phone rang.

" Hello?" i heard him say. The voice on the other line mumbled something. I could only hear him talking.

" Ty, yeah I'm sorry i forgot to call" there was a brief pause before he answered "Yeah, I'll meet you in about 2 hours"

I was about to get up when he started talking again.

" Ty your my cousin, of course I'll be there. Plus i wouldn't miss out on seeing you for the world."

His cousin? I didn't even know he had a cousin.

"Ha ha, yeah i love you too. Don't worry, I'll make sure no one finds out besides us. I know. I love you soooo much" he said to 'ty'.


He hung up. I took that chance to get up. He screamed and jumped at me, about to punch me until he saw who it was.

" Ugh you, look i have to go somewhere so get out" Joel said forcefully.

" Was that your cousin on the phone" i asked.

" Fucking stalker get out" he was getting upset.

"Man, at least I'm not sleeping with my cousin!" i said.

" SHUT UP!! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME OR MY COUSIN SO GET OUT!!" He picked me up and threw me out the window. (It wasn't high at anyway

"Fine!!" i liked to have the last say.

-At school-

By the time we had to go to school, i spread the word that Joel was sleeping with his cousin. Yes, it was cruel but he just got here and needed to know who was in charge.

About 2 hours into school, almost everybody in the hall saw Joel with tear stains on his cheeks. Well, that's what he gets. In another hour it was going to be lunch so I'll finish my plan then. Evil smile, ha-ha-ha.

I swear class went by sooooo slow. By the time lunch came, i was so anxious.

Me and my friends walked in and i saw Joel sitting by himself. He was still crying.

" Look who it is, the incest freak" i said catching everyone's attention.

He looked up with those sad hurt eyes.

" Man I'm not a-" He started.

" Aww the cry baby want to fuck his mommy next." i said.

Next thing i know his fist is breaking my nose,literally.

"I'M SO SICK OF YOU. DAMMIT!!! MY MOM DIED YEARS AGO! MY COUSIN, I'M SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKING, DIED YESTERDAY FROM CANCER. HE WAS ONLY 13." His voice broke while tears ran down his face. I looked at him up holding my nose.

" WHEN YOU HEARD ME ON THE PHONE YESTERDAY, I PROMISED HIM I WOULD SEE HIM AT THE HOSPITAL. I told him it would b-be okay. That he could beat this. My last words to him were 'I'll see you when this is all over and we can hang together like we used to'. I lied" He was letting it all out. Everybody was staring at him.

" Go ahead call me a cry baby,I DON'T CARE! My closest cousin and best friend just died. You fucking right I'm going to cry. Damn Dalono why don't you just leave me alone? Why don't you just go away?" With that he left the lunch room with tears just flooding down his face.

I heard whispers all around me as everyone in the lunch room said how i was a douche bag, how i deserved a broken nose, how im a bitch ass faggot that needs to mind his business, how Joel should have killed me for what i did.

And you know what? I agreed with them. I deserved worse then a broken nose.

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