Curiosity Killed the Cat 9

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Writers notes

SORRY ABOUT THE LONG WAIT! I since it seems like no one really like my story so I didn’t really have the motivation to write this times around.

Chapter nine

                “Welcome back to English everyone!” Mr. Winder smiled at everyone. “And let’s off the new year with a writing assessment”  

                “But Mr. Winder, some of us has creative writing next.” Someone complained.

                “This one is really simple, it one sentence that tell me how your summer vacation was.” He smiled to everyone.

                I heard a few groans but it seemed like no one cared anymore since it was only one sentence. I looked down at my piece of paper and sighed. “How to sum up my summer in one sentence?” I asked myself. I looked over to see Annabel writing already and Lance smiling as he put down his pencil. “I wonder what he wrote…” That’s went it hit me.

                “Curiosity almost killed the cat.” I wrote being that I was almost killed by a bear, which was the most exciting thing that happened to me over the summer, other than Zachary moving in right next door.

                Mr. Winder then asked for us to hand in our sentences and I looked over to see Lance’s eyes widened and him hurry up and write something new. He must have wrote about Gabe.

                “Alright now, Mr. Tuner would you be so kind and pass out the books that we’re going to start reading in a few days?” Mr. Winder asked.

                Zachary nodded his head as he walked back to the stack of books that was sitting on the selves next to my desk. “Well hello Mr. Tuner. Fancy seeing back here.” I laughed at him.

                He turned around and smiled at me. “Hello Haley, Annabel.” Zachary smiled at us.

                “What are you doing here?” Annabel asked.

                “I’m grabbing books.”

                “NO I mean at our school, in our classroom.”

                Zachary chuckled. “Teaching.”

                Annabel sighed and slumped down into her chair. “You beat me.”

                Zachary reached out without thinking and messed up her hair. “Don’t worry about it Annabel, I get what you mean.”

                “You’re so mean Mr. Turner, picking on a young girl.” I stuck my tongue out at him. “What kind of teacher are you.” I couldn’t help but to smile.

                Zachary smiled back and placed a book on my desk…”Animal Farm…” I heard Lance sigh. “Great.”

                “You sound like you’ve already read it.” Gabe looked back at him.

                Lance nodded. “I had to keep myself busy while you were at camp.”

                Gabe laughed. “So you read a bunch of random books.”

                “It was either that or read por….”

                “Lance!” Annabel smacked him with her book. “Enough, we don’t need to hear about your personal life.” She told him.

                “Did you have to hit me so hard?” Lance rubbed his cheek where she had hit him.

                Gabe leaned into Lance and smirked. “Want me to kiss it to make it better.”

                Lance’s eyes widened and he turned to Annabel. “Hey can you hit me again this time in the nuts.”

                Gabe blushed and Annabel laughed. “Gladly Lance, but I’ll do it with a steel toed boot.”

                “Never mind.” Lance said as he reached down and grabbed himself giving out a grunt.

                “That’s what I thought.”

                “Back corner, please be quite.” Zachary said as he passed out the rest of the book.

                “Sorry sir.” I smiled at him.

                He shook his head at me before turning towards the next student. “I have a feeling this year is going to be fun.” Annabel whispered to me.

                “Same here.”

                English ended with Lance and Mr. Winder getting to a argument about the book we were reading and creative writing started up about the same way. “But Mr. Winders.” Lance sighed as we were told to move to the front of the room.

                “Don’t but me.” Mr. Winders told him as he pointed to the desk he told Lance to sit in.

                Gabe, Annabel and I were already gathering our stuff to move our seats. “Come on Lance,” Gabe said holding out his hand for him. “It’s not like your being moved away from your friends.”

                “But I like sitting in the back.” Lance sighed as he took Gabe’s hand and stood up. “Damn it.”

                I shook my head at him and moved up to my new seat.  When finally Lance, and everyone was sitting in their seats, Mr. Winder walked over to us and sighed. “I only moved you up to the front because Mr. Turner is going to take over this class and I want the students who do the work in the front of the room for him.”

                Lance nodded his head. “Alright I understand.”

                “See Lance, don’t get bent out of shape every time something like this happens.” Gabe patted him on the back.

                Lance stuck his tongue out at Gabe. “Shush.”

                “Alright class, let’s get started.” Mr. Winder said to the new group of students. “I would like those of you who haven’t met Mr. Tuner here to give him a nice welcome.”

                 “Oh wow, you’re hot.” I heard someone behind me say. I turned around to see a girl I’ve never seen before. She had long black hair a pale skin, she was over all beautiful.

                I looked back at Zachary to see his eye widened and his mouth open wide. 

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