Chapter Six: Awakening

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Chapter Six


The bed was stiff and hard. The room was to bright and my head was killing me. The smell of antiseptic was over powering and nauseating. I hate hospitals, I thought as I lay in the bed. The doctor says I hyperventilated after ‘hallucinating’ an ‘imaginary intruder’ due to my lack of sleep. Ya right, if you say so. I know I wasn’t imagining her standing in my house. Or at least the fact she was stalking me. What had shocked me most thought was the fact that Kay had spoken. Or maybe I hallucinated that too. I’m not quite sure if she was still talking or if that had been a moment where she knew it was life important. Sort of.

I sat up, and opened my eyes . My head was pounding now. My mouth was parched, and as I looked around the room was spinning. Ugh. I opened my mouth and said, “Water?”. Nurse!” I heard my grandma yell. “Hello, Joey what do you want hun?”

“Okay sweety. Just relax you’ve been sedated.” The nurse said, patting my arm.

“OK.” I said as she walked out. “What happened ?” I wanted to seen what she thought had happened.

“Well I was watching the news and Kay got up to go check on you I guess. I was setting there and the next thing I know Kay was screaming, Kay…Screaming, So I ran in and you were out cold on the floor. So I grabbed the phone and called 911. Then we got here and the doctor was trying to get you to go to sleep, but you kept begging and pleading not to be put to bed and you started crying and screaming ‘no I can’t sleep. She’ll get me if I do’. So they had to sedate you.”

“Oh.” I remembered some of that now. I was furious at the fact they were making me sleep, but terrified at the prospect of sleeping. I thought she’d be there to attack me. Thankfully, she hadn’t. Unsure what to do now I lay there wondering when she would appear again. Questions like, was I hallucinating, could she really have gotten in my room and disappeared, flashed through my mind. I had just about agreed with the doctor when I hit me, KAY! She had been in my doorway when she’d been standing there.

I had to find out if Kay was still talking. “Grandma, what else did Kay say.” “Nothing, when we got here they asked her what happened she just shrugged. They asked me why she wouldn’t talk. I told them she was mute.” Okay so Kay’s not talking again. As I thought that Kay walked in, and sat down across from me. I had to get rid of my Grandma. “Hey, Grandma? Can you go get me a pop?” She nodded and went down stairs.

“Kay?” I asked,  “ what happened?” She shrugged. “Kay please speak. I need you tell me what you saw.” She just looked at me, then said “Amy was standing in your room.” So she has seen her too. I was lost in thought when I see Kay looking at me, “sorry, Kay what?” “ I said why was Amy in your room. And why did she just vanish in to thin air?!” I just shrugged because I didn’t know.

On our way home I didn’t say much. Kay didn’t speak at all. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. She hadn’t randomly appeared out of thin air before, and I doubted this was the last time. We got home and sat on the couch. I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes Grandma was at work and Kay had made dinner. The phone rang. Odd, the phone never rings this late. I thought has I looked at the clock that read 9:17 . “Hello?”

“Josef Fox?” Someone said.

“ Yea.” I answered.

“ Be careful. Just watch your back.”

“Who is this” I demanded. It was no use thought the line went dead. They had hung up. Great, I thought. Now not only is a demon following me, but now a mystery man I stalking me. I climbed the stairs and went in the bath room. I got in to the shower. The water was cool on my head. I hadn’t realized how hot the house was. It’s like an oven in the living room. I got out of the shower and went to find Kay. She was in her room sleeping. She looked peaceful sleeping. I closed her door and turned around ready to go to bed. Amy was standing there in the hall. “She a great kid isn’t she?” She smirked I blinked and she disappeared. I went back down stairs, no longer sleepy, and waited for Grandma to get home.


Okay so tell me what you think. I know it seems slow right now but after this next chapter its about to get interesting.

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