We spent the entire day watching TV and talking I was glad to just forget about the world and spend time with him. There was no one there to interrupt us, no one there to tell us what to do or split us up again.

By the time school let out Justin’s phone went off again, I had managed to catch a glimpse of the caller id so I knew it was Asia he was talking to.


We were in the middle of our fourth movie when my phone rang. I pulled it out thinking it could be my mother only to find that it was Asia. Great I hope she doesn’t want to come see me since she thinks I'm sick.

“Hello,” I said playing on a sick voice.

“Justin baby you didn’t come to school today are you feeling alright,” she asked sounding sympathetic.

“I wasn’t feeling well this morning no but I am feeling a bit better now I should be in school tomorrow,” I said trying to get her to hang up. I glanced down at Clover who had a questioning look on her face. I looked away from her my eyes on the wall.

“Ok well I hope you feel better I'll see you tomorrow I guess. Don’t worry about picking me up I'll get a ride from a friend,” she said sounding sympathetic again. She was playing the calm girlfriend card right now and I had to say it was a little convincing, but I'm sure if she knew where I really was she would be yelling at the top of her lungs and threatening to kill both of us.

“Alright I'll see you tomorrow, bye.”

“Bye Justin,” she hung up and I turned back to Clover.

“What was that about?” she asked me still looking confused.

“I told Asia that I was sick yesterday so that she wouldn’t think I was coming to see you.”

“So you haven’t told her about us yet?” she questioned me.

“No not yet, I was kind of thinking we could do it together tomorrow. She is less likely to try to do something if we are both together, and if she does try to hurt you then I can stop her,” I assured her placing my arm around her and giving her a light kiss.

She put her arms around my neck keeping her lips to mine and I could feel a smile playing on her lips through the kiss. She put her legs over mine and pulled herself onto my lap. After a while she pulled out of the kiss breathing heavy as was I. “What was that about?” I questioned she had never kissed me like that before.

“Sorry I couldn’t help myself,” she said laughing.

“Don’t be sorry,” I said placing my lips back to hers and kissed her again. The kiss wasn’t as intense but there was some heat from both sides.

We were interrupted by her phone ringing and she pulled back.


I pulled out of the kiss and answered my phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Clover honey it’s your mom, I'm on my way home I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight.”

“Sure sounds good,” I said looking over at Justin.

“You can invite Justin if you want,” she added I knew she just wanted to press him and find out if we were dating.

“Sure I'll ask him if he wants to come,” I said letting her think she won.

“Ok I'll see you in a few, love you.”

“Love you too bye,” I hung up the phone and sighed.

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