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I watched her body as it was enhanced by her friend's, I cracked open the bathroom door a little more that connected our room's. She ran her hand's over her boob's and teased her nipples, the soft music setting their mood just right. My dick was throbbing for 'her' attention. I wanted her mouth on me not her. Never her. I pulled him out free and stroked him down my length watching the lust in her eye's I stroked myself harder lost in her body she laid down on her purple comforter that matched her eye's  her leg's wide apart, her friend's ass moved into view. I moved to find her sweet pussy again but the rug under me caused my hand to slip opening the door more, a loud creak came from it. I quickly ran back to my bedroom.

"Casey you in there?" Sammy's sweet voice came from outside my door.

"Yeah Sam." I opened the door, she was in her red silk robe her eye's wide and her cheeks flushed.

"Cas, it is okay that my friends over?" She asked avoiding my eye's she looked around my room almost like she was looking for something but settled on the paused xbox game. Relief washed over her.

"Yeah I'm your room mate not your father." I joked, her smooth soft leg's all exposed was reminding me of my member that didn't get to finish. 

She slapped me playfully making her boob's slightly jiggle. "Think we both know we're more then room mates." Her face was lit up. Here eye's was locked with mine, our bodies edging closer to each other. Our lip's so close.

"Sammy, will you give me a ride home." both of us jump back looking at the friend. who was now fully dressed, she looked at us oblivious, I wanted to punch her, I wanted to kick her brains in. does she not see sammy is mine. She will always be mine.

"Sure Kayla, just let me throw some clothes on." they both giggle and walk out of the room. the anger was boiling deep inside me.

I laid on her bed waiting for her return, weeks of almost kisses, weeks of almost moments, I need to have her. I need her so badly and her with this Kayla it's just to taunt me, I know it is, she want's me jealous to know if I like her. To know I'm not just going to hit it and quit it. I will show her.

I heard the front door being unlocked and her heels against the hard wood floor, she opened the door to her bedroom digging through her purse, she looked up and almost screamed putting her hand over her heart.

"Casey! you scared the shit out of me, what are you doing in here?" She put her hand on her hip looking me up and down, I was only in my boxers laying here, from the look of her face she liked what she saw. "You know why I'm here." I said playfully grabbing her hand pulling her down on the bed with me. She giggled crashing into my chest I brushed the hair out of her face, watching those purple eye's all excited just for me. staring into her eye's I cupped her face with my hand's she looked so sweet and innocent, I brought her closer to me. My lip's brushed softly against her's the sensation making me want to jump her now but I have to wait, I want it to be special. I brushed my lip's over her's again. She giggled and started to pull back. "Where you going baby?" I let her go but watched her intently. She laid beside me probing up her elbow leaning on her hand.

"Casey I can't sleep with you." She said sternly. I waited for the punch line knowing this  must be a joke, but she continued to stare at me seriously.

"Sammy you've been leading me on ever since I moved in here." I said a bit frustrated running my hand's through my hair. She rolled her eye's.  "You can't tell me you havn't enjoyed it."

I looked at her in disbelif. "Well what straight man wouldn't love that, your extremly sexy, you have the perfect body the sexiest always hard nipples, tight ass, you was built to be a god,  but even though your that sexy you can't just lead me on like that to nothing." I sat up looking away from her.

"So you have been watching me?" She stated like she knew.

"No shit sammy, I've watched you fuck five girls now." I looked over at her to see her looking at me like she was trying to keep a straight face.

"Sweetie I'm gay." she giggled. I felt the bed shift, she was getting up. I grabbed her arm.

"Oh so it's so funny to fuck with people's emotions hu?" She pulled on her arm.

"Casey your hurting me." She said softly still pulling. "Maybe that's exactly how you make me feel sammy, You want to toy with me like I'm nothing, maybe you need toyed with!" I screamed at her, she pulled harder from my embrace getting free she fell forwards her head hitting the night stand. I jumped up rolling her body over, she was unconscious. I threw her roughly over to the bed. She want's to toy with me I will show her, she know's she want's me.

 I grabbed two belts from her closet and  a knife from the kitchen I bond her hand's to her head bored, Her head was bleeding down her face, I got a warm wash cloth and tapped it over the wound, she began to wake up when I added the alcohol.

"Casey what.." She pulled on her hand's. "What are you doing?" She demanded groggily.

 " I just need you to listen to me this is the only way." I said sternly. I couldn't get the bleeding to stop.

"No let me go." She said more vocal, her eye's blaring to mine. I looked at her as loving as I felt. "Make love to me." I said gently. She laughed hard. " I will never have sex with you casey ever."

"You can fuck all those girls why not me?" I screamed at her the adrenaline pulsing through my ears. She pushed against the restraints harder her hair wet with tears and sweat the blood trickling down her lips from the cut on her head.

I Ran my hands over her body, the soft warm body that should be mine. No, It will be mine.

"Please casey, please let me go." She sobbed. She can't mean that. This is all just a game to her.  I took the knife and put it to her throat, I watch the fear in her eye's turn stone cold. I pointed it down the caller of her dress and sliced down the fabric pulling it apart quickly exposing her lace black bra and panties.

I pushed my body tightly on top of her, us face to face. her lips trembled as she cried.

"Just love me." I whispered softly. It's all I want,all I've ever wanted. Her eye's grew big she made a face and spit at me,I flinched back as it  washed all over my face.

"I will never love a sick fuck like you." She screamed pulling hard on the restraints. I felt my hand rising, It made contact hard with her face hearing a satisfying slap. She did deserve it. How dare she play this game.

I took the knife and ran it down her flawless body she shivered to the cold knife. I put it between her boobs where the bra connected and and tore it open. Her nipples greeted me, She can say no all she want's her body want's me.

"Tell me you love me." I said blowing on her nipple, teasing it with my teeth.

"No!" It echoed through my head. My anger boiled. I lifted myself up and hastily tore her panties right off her I  put my knees hard against her thighs She screamed as her legs was forced apart.

I rubbed my dick over her clit, she was trying to close her legs, trying so hard I was against her even harder. I shoved myself inside her, I felt the tear, She's now mine. the liquid was pouring out of her I could see the white sheets was getting tainted of red. I pushed harder and harder inside her claiming her over and over, Her sobs grew to silent ones. She know's I won. She know's she is now and will forever be mine. Knowing this I felt closer to climax I roughly grabbed her boob shooting myself inside her.

I collapsed on top of her breathing heavy, I rubbed her arms in circler motion with my thumbs.

"I love you so much sammy." I whispered against her skin. Her body was shaking but there was no sound. I looked up to her face seeing her eye's tightly shut her hair stuck to her face. "Shh, it's okay baby your mine now." I cooed moving her wet hair out of the way, Her eye's flew open.

" I will never be yours casey, Your a monster." She cried out between gasps. My heart broke into a million pieces, watching the disgust in her eye's as she looked at me. I lifted myself off her. Looking into her purple eye's I knew she was right she would never be mine. I grabbed the knife that was now on the floor, I lifted it with both hands over my head  closing my eye's.

"If I can't have you, no one can."


based on my life.

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