Cat and Mouse

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*Lauren's POV*

I looked up as everything got quiet wondering if I had unintentionally become visible, but no the cause for the random quiet wasn't me. It was the new girl, Val I think Lisa had called her. She had walked in and sat on the couch right beside Lisa and opposite Matt. I had press a hand to my lips as I realized that she had sat there purposely and was spreading her legs far enough that anyone from Mars could see up her skirt. Providing they were opposite her.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?!" Steph screamed at her.

"You're going to curse in front of the kid?" Val said.

"If you are going to sit in front of your son that way you can bet I'm going to curse all the hell I want to. Your son doesn't need to see that and Matt sure as hell doesn't want to anymore!"

"Funny I don't hear him complaining."

"You little bitch!"

"Excuse me. I don't think I like your language in front of MY son."


"No Matt, if she's going to behave like this I think maybe I should take our baby home."

"Steph will you please go calm down in the kitchen?" Matt asked her.


"Just please..." Matt pleaded with her giving her his best puppy dog eyes.

I sighed disgusted and saw Jimmy frown in my direction.

"Come on Steph, let's get some drinks for everyone."

"Make sure they aren't alcoholic. I don't want any drunken sluts around my son," Val said flashing her a evil grin."

I watched Brian stand up and wrap his arm around Steph as Jimmy put a hand over her mouth and they guided her out of the room like that. It made me sick to listen to this bitch she reminded me of Cass so much with her behavior.  I got up and started wondering around the room trying to distract myself.

"Hey sweetie why don't you come to Mommy?"

"You aren't my Mommy!"

"Yes, I am..."

"No you aren't! Daddy don't make me!" I turned around to look at little James. He'd only been here a short while but I was already starting to like him. He was pretty ok for a kid.

"Honey, this is your Mom," Lisa said trying to soothe him as he buried his face in Matt's shirt.

"No she's not! She's all weird looking!"

"Is this what that bitch has been telling my son?!" Val said but under the anger there were many currents, worry, nerves, and concern. None of them were for the little boy though. Oh, it couldn't be. I rushed out of the room.

*Cass's POV*

I watched the little brat crying in Matt's arms. It would be just my luck the kid actually could see me. I thought about the mess upstairs. I would need to get that cleaned up quickly if I didn't want anyone to know I was out. The boy was crying and Matt looked scared. Apparently the memories I was getting of Val's temper were leading me in the right way. If I could keep them focused on Matt and the kid maybe I could get Lisa out of the picture in a less messy way than my sister. Speaking of Lauren just why was she leaving the room.

"Is there a bathroom here I could use Lisa?"

"Yeah at the top of the stairs, two doors down on the right side."

"Good, and Matthew," I smiled when he flinched as Val's memory told me he would, "when I come back I expect to be able to hold my son or I will take him and we will go home so I can contact the lawyers again."

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