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I decided to wear dark blue skinny jeans with a pink tank top to the party. I had an hour left before Cameron came to pick me up so I decided to curl my hair.

When I was done my hair, Cameron knocked on my door. We made our way to the party house which was twenty minutes away and the whole time I was praying to God that Noah wouldn’t be there.


“Yes, Bridget?”

“Will Noah be at this party?”

“I’m not sure. He usually doesn’t come unless he feels like hooking up with some random girl. But he is there; I promise you don’t have to talk to him.”

“Thank you, Cameron.”

When we got to the house, I could smell alcohol and sweaty teenagers. This was my first party so I was a bit nervous and scared.

“Just stick with me and you’ll be fine.” Cameron promised.

The inside of the house wasn’t much better than the outside. It reeked of alcohol and it was packed.

“Hey beautiful.” some guy said to me.

“Uh –” was all I managed to say.

“Leave her alone, man.” Cameron told him. “She’s here with me.”

“Oh, sorry Cam.” the guy said.

“Bridget, this is Scott Sharp, the third guy that was playing with the gun. And Scott, this is Bridget Maden; the girl Joe shot in the arm.” Cameron introduced us.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” Scott put his hand out.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you too.” I shook his hand.

“How do you like my party?” Scott asked.

“This is your party?” I was shocked.

“Yeah, what do you think?” Scott repeated.

“It’s pretty cool. This is my first party so I can’t really compare it to anything else.” I replied honestly.

‘Well, I hope you have fun! I have to go greet everyone but if you need anything, just come and find me.” he said leaving for the bar.

I turned so I could talk to Cameron, but instead of it being Cameron in front of me, it was Noah.

“Bridget? Bridget Maden, is that you?” he asked.

‘Yes, Noah. It’s me.” I replied slyly.

“Why are you here? You most definitely don’t have any friends here.”

“Actually, I got invited by someone.” I smirked.

“Who invited you?”

“Cameron Lockheart. Maybe you know him?”

“He’s my best friend. Of course I know him.”

“Hey Bridge! Who are you – Oh. Hi, Noah.” Cameron said suddenly appearing from behind me.

“How come you didn’t tell me about you and Bri?” Noah asked Cameron.

“Don’t call me Bri. If you talk to me or about me, you can call me Bridget. Only friends can give me a nickname, and last time I checked, you aren’t my friend.” I snapped.

“Whoa, when did you become this feisty?” Noah chuckled.

“Same time you became a liar.

‘You’re still mad about that? It’s been two years!” he complained.

“When someone tells you they have a deadly disease and then you find out they’re not actually sick, you tend to not forget about it.”

“But it’s been two years!” he repeated.

“You obviously don’t care, so I’m done talking to you Noah.”

I wish I could talk to Noah about what he did without crying, but like everything else lately, that didn’t happen.

Noah just watched with a shocked expression on his face as I left crying in Cameron’s arms.

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