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We laid in Reese´s backyard soaking up the delicious summer sun and munched on some of Reese´s mom delicious sandwiches. Seriously, how can someone make such good sandwiches? It´s not like she adds something special to them, it´s just regular old ham and cheese on regular old white bread. But, Oh My God, are they delicious.

¨Can you pass me another piece?¨ I said shielding my eyes from the sun with my hands.

¨Wow! How many more are you going to stuff down?¨ she giggled ¨Save some for Cor, she´ll be pissed if you don´t¨

¨Oh, shut up!¨ I remarked back ¨ Besides, you know Coral isn´t going to eat any. She never eats anything after dance class¨

¨Right!¨ Reese snapped her fingers ¨The whole ´fat dancer´ complex thing¨ she said handing me half a sandwich and starting on the other half herself ¨I always forget¨

¨That´s why she always blows up at you when you offer her anything after she´s had a long practice¨ I said laughing.

Coral has been a dancer since the age of four.  Mrs. Morgan had been an exceptional professional dancer who, at a very young age, showed great promise in the world of competitive dancing. At age 20 she met Mr. Morgan, 12 years her senior, who at the time was working at the  Talent Agency that represented Mrs. Morgan, they fell in love and after a couple of months of dating, Mrs. Morgan found out she was pregnant and they married soon after. After her pregnancy Mrs. Morgan had a very hard time balancing her marriage and motherhood and decided to take some time away from dancing. When she finally decided that is was time to jump back into the world of dance after three years of being away, she soon learned that the world that once praised and clamored for her had forgotten and even replaced her with a new ´promising´ dancer who was younger, single and childless.

So as Coral grew, she saw dancing as an opportunity to grow closer to her sometimes icy, distant mother, but Mrs. Morgan found it hard to jump back into a world that had rejected her, even if it was for her daughter. It wasn´t until Coral turned 13 and won a national competition for modern dance, that Mrs. Morgan became interested in her dancing. Since that event, she became immersed in Coral´s dance, signing her up for extra classes, training her and taking her to competitions. At first Coral loved the attention from her Mom but lately, her Mother´s over bearing nature and ´negative reinforcement´ techniques just seemed to hinder her spirit and draw an ever greater wedge between them.

¨I know¨ she grunted ¨I don´t know why she does it anymore, she doesn´t even like it¨

¨She likes it…¨ I said receiving a harsh look from Reese ¨She does, it´s just her Mom has been driving her really hard about the competition she has coming up¨

¨But, isn´t that like in November or something?¨

¨¨Yeah, I think so¨ I said shrugging my shoulders ¨I don´t really understand all that dancing lingo. I just know that the competition is supposed to be super hard and she has to practice a lot and also, something about her Mom saying she has to lose seven pounds¨ I said and then added in a huff ¨Which, honestly, I think is just insane because Cor has a rockin´ bod. God knows I´d kill for it¨

¨Oh, don´t be ridiculous¨ Reese said rolling her eyes at me ¨You have an awesome body and a killer rack¨

Easy for her to say. Sure, Reese was short, being only 5´, but she was thin and had soft curves that made her petite body look womanly. Add in her tan skin, to-die-for Pocahontas long, silky, jet black hair, mysterious dark eyes and don´t fuck with me attitude and you had the world tiniest bad ass.

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