Chapter Six- The unexpected

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Three weeks before the wedding...

I opened my eyes to the setting sun. I was facing the window and i laied there a few minutes as the sun sank low behind the tops of the near by trees. The sky was beautiful. There was shades of pink, purple, and blue around it. 

" Luna." Carmen's voice whispered.

I sighed. Was my mind playing tricks on me... again.

" Luna." The voice whispered again.

I rose, fligging my legs over the side of the bed, i rushed to the window. I squinted through the now dark, foggness of the balcomy window. A shadowed figure was standing there. Now my mind was really messing with me. I flung the balcony, double doors open. I pretty much lunged towards the figure. Instead of falling to the ground with the thought of my mind playing tricks on me... someone caught me and i was safely in someone's arms.

" Carmen!," I whisper with excitment. I hugged him tightly. My arms where around his neck, playing with the hairs on the back of his neck. My body pressed aganist his happily. " I thought i was never goinbg to see you again."

He hugged me back. One of the plams of his hands rubbed up and down my spin, sending pleaserable shivers down it.

" Me too." He agreed.

His voice made my heart flutter and skip a beat. I froze.

" Drakes going to be here in a few minutes." I spat out.

" I know," He whispered calmly in my ear. Goose bumps arose on my arms. " I will be back for you, Luna. I will come for you. I promise. I love you."

" I love you too, Carmen. I love you so much." I whispered back.

He let go fo me and took a step back.

" I have to go." He said leaning towards me.

Our lips touched for a good bye for now kiss.

" When will you come?" I asked eager.

" The day of your wedding." He promissed.

I nodded. He blew me a kiss as he jumpped down from the balcony. I swiftly moved towards the railing, and leaned over to look around. I searched for him, but to no avail. The sound of the door opening made me straiten up and look normal.

" My dear, what are you doing out on the balcony?" Drake's annoying vaoice announced.

" Fresh air." I said through clenched teeth.

" Ah." Was all he said in reply.

I heard his foot-steps walk acrossed the carpet, towards me. Than on the marble of the balcony. He wrapped his arms around my waist. pulling my body towards his, he rested his chin on the crown of my head.

" Did you sleep well, my dear?" He asked with concern.

" Just peachy." I growled. 

" Why are you unhappy?" 

" I don't feel good." I snapped. 

He spun me around to face him. His eyes were lite with concern.

"Are you ill." He kissed my forehead before i could reply. "You are feverish. Does your stomach hurt? Headache?"

Now that i thought of it, my stomach was really starting to hurt, and my head began to ache. I felt all weak and feeble, and i felt nauseous. My vision swam. I grabbed on to the sleeves of his black button up shirt for suport. I felt like my knees were going to give out on me. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bed.

                                                         *                          *                              *

Nurse Rose Ann opened my door, a frown plastered on her face. I knew there was something wrong, yet I was to afraid to ask. She took my temapture, as she was required to do every two hours. I didn't like the fact that i was sick. Yet it wasn't bad either.

" Hello miss Luna," She said kindly to me. " How are you felling?"

" Uh... I don't fell very good." I answered unsure.

"How is your stomach?"

" Hurts alot more than this morning."

" Your head?"

" Same as my stomach."

" I can give you something for the pain. It may help." She announced in a motherly tone.

I nodded.

" Um... Mrs. Ann," I began. " I noticed you looked," I paused searching for the right word. " Unhappy. May i ask why?"

She sighed.

" Drake is going to make me take you four meals a day. Give you medicine, and take you temapture every hour," She answered. " He must really care about you dear. Hes never done anything like this before."

I sighed.

I guess he is not as crule as i thought he was.

I looked at the window as soon as Rosa Ann left. My body wanted me to sleep. I closed me eyes and drifted off.

                                                                 *                          *                        *

The smell of garlic bread roused me from my slumber. I opened my eyes to a tray of food infront of me. There was garlic bread, sweet ice tea, spegetti and meat balls, and a small cup of puple liquid.

" Good morning, beautiful." Drake's voice sounded off beside me.

I looked over at him. He wore a green button up shirt, blue jeans, a tie, and steel toe boots. I sighed.

" Hey." I greeted.

" How are you feeling?," He asked sweetly. He leaned overand touched the back of his hand to my forehead. Than kissed my forehead. " Still feavered."

" Drake," I paused. " Are you okay. Are YOU running a feaver?" I asked concerned.

He chuckled.

" What makes you think I am running a fever?"

I staried at him wide-eyed.

" You are being a sweet heart." I answered shocked.

He sighed.

" I can be a sweet heart whan i want to be, dear." He stated.

" I wasn't sure of that. Not at all. i always thought of you as a curle, no-hearted bastard." I confessed.

I expected him to be angery with me. I expected to hurt me in some way. I expected him to punish me for what i said. I regreated saying it. He chuckled.

" Is that what you really thought of me?" He asked, his eyes were pain filled.

" Yes." I answered, tears in my voice.

He sat on the edge of the bed. He garbbed my hand and entwined our fingers together.

" Well from now on, you with see this side of me always." He promised.

I smailed.

" Really?"

" Yes."

He kissed my forhead. The next few days went by in a blur. He did everything in his power to make sure i was taken care of and all my needs were met. He spent more time with me. When he did he was being sweet and loveable. I enjoyed being in his company, which was strange for me. I really didn't expect that. I began to get better and grew stronger. His emotions went awall. He told me every problem going on within his day. We talked of his past and we... cuddled with each other. It was really the unexpected. 

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