Chapter Thirty: I'd do anything with you.

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Chapter Thirty: I'd do anything with you.

Wednesday Evening.

"ANGIE don't tell him anything, okay?"

Gosh, why was I putting my trust in a nine-year-old? Lydia couldn't find an answer to that question but hoped that Angie wouldn't say anything to George.

"I promise," she beamed, through the computer screen. She was ecstatic that Lydia was trusting her with this secret.

Lydia was going to make the girl double promise because God only knows what Lydia would do if George found out what she'd been talking about. Though she never had time to as she heard the keys jingle in the front door.

"Lydia?" She heard George call out from the living room. Waving goodbye to Angie, Lydia shit done her laptop before walking out of the bedroom to see the love of her life standing with a bouquet of varied flowers in it.

Smiling Lydia ran towards him making him drop the bouquet on the couch carefully before catching her in his arms. "You know you didn't have to buy me flowers right?"

George grinned as Lydia's legs wrapped around his waist and her hands made their way around her neck. "I know but I thought about it and we haven't had a romantic 'date' in a while might as well do it in style."

Lydia chucked as he air quoted the word date. She knew that they didn't need to label their memories, they just needed to make them unforgettable and every moment she spends with George has been unforgettable.

"Do you mind if you miss some classes?" Lydia asked already knowing the answer but asked anyway.

For this date to be a success, they both needed to get away for a few days. They deserved a few days away after everything that had happened.

"If I'm missing them with you, I have no problem," George said, placing a kiss on her cheek.


I'm listening to the camp rock soundtrack on repeat while all my friendships burn to ash. (<- that's a big fat mood nowadays :) )

How are all of you guys?

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