Harry's P.O.V (chapter 6)

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Harry P.O.V (after the accident)

I finally got home. I was furious at what just happen how could savanna just leave like that with out telling me what happened.

As I walked in the front door I see Liam and niall sitting in the small couch watching toy story. I look at them and fake a smile. And try to storm into my room before either of them say something.

Right when I reach my bedroom door I hear Liam call my name.

"Harry is everything alright?" Liam asked

"yea why wouldn't it be" I said as I turned to face Liam.

"well because you weren't supposed to be home till six and its only four you left an hour ago" Liam said.

"yeah well the plan changed" I said as I slammed my bedroom door shut.

Not a couple seconds later I got a call from savanna I didn't want to answer it, but I did it wasent her voice thought it was man I wanted to hang up but I let him talk

"hello is this Harry?" he asked

"yes, may I ask who's speaking" I said

"oh yes this Robert I work with the hospital savanna was just in a accident she's just reached the hospital we asked her who to call and she said you and Stephanie so I think she would like for you to come" he said

I just hung up and stared at my phone for a while till tears started running down my face I opened my door to Liam standing there about to knock. I whipped my tears off my face hoping he wouldn't see

"what's wrong Harry" he yelled.

"can you take me to the hospital savanna got in a accident" I said

"is she all right Harry?" Niall asked with a concern voice.

" I don't know but can you come with us naill" I asked

"of course" Niall said as he got up and slipped on some shoes.

"I'll drive" Liam said as he grabbed the keys

We all ran down stairs and got in are car and rushed to the hospital noone tried to make conversation, I was glad I wanted it to be quiet I just wanted savanna to be alright. When we go to the hospital Niall went to go get coffee it was about five already we knew we would be there for a while. When we walked inside I saw the girl who yelled at savanna at the desk crying her eyes I ran up to her and asked if she was Stephanie.

She turned and looked at me.

" your the boy who savanna ditched me for" she laughed when she said it but didn't seem so happy.

She walked over to Savannas room I was guessing so I followed her. Liam came running after me.

"who is that Harry we need to find out where savanna is" he said

"this is Stephanie she's savanna's friend" I said.

Stephanie turned around and faked a smile I could see it

"hey what's wrong sweetie" Liam said as he walked over to Stephanie

"nothing just nothing, it's not like anyone could make my day better" she cried.

" before you to start to talk can you show me Savannas room Stephanie" I asked

She pointed the room next to where she was sitting.

"in t-there" she said as she buried her hands into her face.

I walked into the room to see my beautiful princess just laying there she had stitches on her forehead and she was asleep I walked up to her and grabbed her hand I could feel the tears stream down my face

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