I woke up with a buzzing sound in my ears. Like right in my ears. A pain shot through my leg, and somebody was yelling, "TO THE LAKE! TO THE LAKE!"

I ran, as fast as I could.

I dove into the water, and my fuzzy vision was now cleared.

I looked around, and I only saw Cato, Marvel, the District Three kid, and Peeta.

"Penelope? Glimmer?" I called out.

Marvel, District Three and Cato started looking around.

When we came back, Peeta was gone.

"Screw him!" Cato yelled angrily, and snapped a thick stick in half.

Marvel sat down, and I went to talk to him.

"Marvel?" "Yeah?" I knew he was crying. I just knew it. He turned toward me, his eyes red, and his face puffy.

"We have to go back to see Glimmer. And Penelope."

He wiped his tears, and stood up.

We jogged and saw the figures. They didn't look human. They were purple and the stings were oozing green liquid. Shivers ran down my spine as I stared into the once eyes of my allies, which looked distant, far away. Their skin was swelling, and looked ready to burst. I looked at their features. Glimmer's fingers were scrambled around her stump of a hand.

Somebody broke them off.


Suddenly, I heard a small crunch over to my right, and I looked around to see my allies staring at the bodies. They hadn't noticed it.

"Cato." I snapped my fingers, taking him out of his trance. "Yeah?" His voice was husky.

"Over there." I pointed to the area where I heard the leaves crunch.

He stomped over there were I saw a blond boy. Peeta.

He ran, but Cato gripped his jacket, so he couldn't go anywhere.

"Traitor." I heard Marvel mutter.

Cato grabbed Peeta, and cut him on his leg. On his thigh. It was bleeding, the blood escaping his body.

"Stop it." District Three said. "No, Three." Cato replied, angry. "My name isn't Three. It's Uriah." "Whatever Uriah."

Cato lifted his fist in the air and slammed it down. It connected with Peeta's jaw, and Peeta yelled.

"Cato!" Cato's head turned to Marvel, who had the sudden outburst.

"Enough." Marvel and Uriah said, in sync.

"Never." And Cato packed another punch into Peeta. Peeta groaned.

"Cato." I said. "What?!" He had a dangerous edge in his voice. "Stop. Now. We'll kill him later." I sounded so stern. I sounded like, my mother, before she died.

Cato scowled but got off Peeta.

"C'mon. We should be looking for Katniss right now." I pointed out. They all nodded and we headed off.


"Here. Let's set up."

"Right next to the Cornucopia? Really, Uriah? Great choice."

"Do you want my help?! Or not?" He sounds dangerously angry, but his voice is quiet, which makes it scarier. He clenches his hands, but then his face softens again.

Marvel, Cato and I start gathering supplies into one big pile.

After two or three hours, it's stacked in one, big, sloppy pile.

Uriah started working on a booby trap, maybe half an hour ago. He was taking the land mines, from the countdown, and re-arranging them around the pile. He would mumble strange things like 'Shut up, Eli.' or 'Red goes to blue.' It was like he was going crazy, and when he was done, he had a wild look in his eye.

Cato kept on slashing at the dirt, like it was the enemy. Marvel was whimpering in his sleep. "No, no! Please, no!" Marvel was shaking, shivering, and crying.

Cato was slicing thin lines on his palms. Uriah was talking to himself, and arguing with himself too. Marvel would sit up and lie down again and cry, in his nightmare-filled sleep.

I looked at myself.

My legs were shaking, and my hands were covered in scratches, cuts and bruises.

I remembered the stings from the tracker-jackers, and pulled out the stingers.

I played with the stingers, and they were covered in the same green ooze that Penelope and Glimmer were full of. I looked at my allies and at myself again.

We were all going crazy. Crazed by the Capitol.

Going insane.


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