“That’s so gorgeous” I say looking out at the sunset.  “Yeah it is” Alli says snapping a picture of it.  I stand there looking out at it with Alli; I hear a snap of a camera. I quickly turn around and I see the photographer again with his camera on hand. “Cody, Tom go stand next to them” He commands as Cody and Tom appear walking towards us.  “Now link hands” He says as I put my hands in Toms. Cody and I are on the ends while Alli and Tom are in the middle.  I hear the snap of the camera.  “That’s perfect” He says in a cheerful voice.  “We will just do a few of just the Simpson kids then individuals” He says and I back away from my friends and Cody.  I take a seat on the sand waiting for it to be done with.

            “Neva wake up” I hear Alli says as she nudges me.  I blink my eyes open and I see Alli standing there ready for the day.  I sit up quickly in the bed looking around the room, where the crap am I.  “You fell asleep on the beach so Cody carried you back to the car and in here, he slept on the couch” Alli explains to me.  “Now come on and get dressed we have a big day ahead of us!” She smiles at me cheerfully.  I get up out of the bed and we hurry out of the room.  “There’s a big movie premiere tonight that Cody and I have been invited to.” Alli explains to me as we walk into her bed room.  “So we are going shopping for the perfect outfits, then we are going to some fancy restaurant on rodeo drive where we are meeting Kathy and two cousins on your dads side” she says quickly.  “Alli Simpson say what” I ask her.  “What” She says to me smirking.  “Your Dads sister’s two kids saw you in a magazine with Cody and realized you look a lot like their mom did when she was your age, they asked their mom about a brother, yada yada yada” She tells me rambling off. “Oh my gosh” I say with wide eyes.  “So we have to get you all dressy uppy” Alli says cheerfully. 

            “That’s so cute on you!” Alli cheers as I try on a red blazer at one of her favorite stores. “You think?” I ask turning and looking into the mirror.  “Yes!” Its adorbs!” She cheers happily.  I look at my striped tank top, jean shorts, and pale pink ballet flats with a little bow on them. “It looks so cute with that outfit to!” She cry’s happily as I study the outfit in the mirror.  “Woah, that so cute” Someone says coming up behind us.  “I know right, it looks great on her. I could never pull that off!” Alli says happily.  “I’m Melanie Thompson” The girl says smiling at us.  “Alli Simpson” Alli smiles at her.  “Nevaeh Parker” I smile into the mirror at the girl with black hair.  “Nevaeh where did you get your shoes?” She asks me.  “There from my line, Neveah’s” I smile at her cheekily.  “Oh my gosh, I’ll have to ask Daddy to carry your shoe line in his stores! They are so cute!” She sequels happily.  “Alli where did you get yours?” She asks Alli. “Neveah’s” Alli smiles at her.  “Oh my gosh! I’ll go call daddy now!” she says running off.  “Well that was awko taco” I say biting my lip.  

            Alli and I walk into the restaurant loaded down with shopping bags.  “Alli Simpson and Nevaeh Parker” Alli says to the person at the front counter.  “The table is right this way” A waiter says leading us away as people snap a picture of Alli.  I’m so happy I’m not famous. The waiter leads us to a table where Aunt Kathy is sitting along with a girl with red hair and a boy with brown hair.  The boy and the girl stand up smiling at me.  “Holy crap!” Alli screams slapping me in the arm.  “T-That’s Katherine and Hunter Michaels” Alli whisper screams at me.  “You must be Neva” The girl smiles at me.  “Yup” I smile at them.  “This is my friend Alli” I explain to them.  “Alli Simpson, right?” She asks Alli and Alli nods her head quickly.  “I’m Kat” She smiles at me.  “I’m Hunter” He smiles at me.  “we all take a seat as Alli secretly snaps pictures of my supposed cousins. “You know Hunter, you look like Neva” Kat chuckles as we eat out meal.  “Oh really now?” I chuckle smiling.  “So are you guys coming to my movie premiere tonight?” Hunter asks us.  “Well Alli and Cody are going” I tell them shrugging.  “So are you going to come?” Kat asks me.  “I’m invited?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.  “Neva, you are our only cousin of course your invited!” Hunter tells me happily.  A smile creeps onto my face.  “It’s a good thing I got two dresses” Alli smiles happily winking over at me.  “Alli” I wine.  “I’m not wearing heels” I tell her crossing me arms.  “Fine” She complains.  “I know exactly what you’re going to wear then” Alli says happily whispering into Kat’s ear.  “Ohh that sounds cute!” She says happily. “Oh sure” I roll my eyes at my cousin and best friend.

            “Ok now open your eyes.” Alli says as I stand in front of the mirror with Kat and Alli by my side.  “Wow” Kat says staring at me.  I look at my reflection in the mirror.  I had on a peachish pink colored dress that’s cut short in the front and long in the back.  “I feel like I’m wearing a mullet” I tell them laughing.  I had on floral combat boots, and my long brown hair was in slight waves cascading down my back.  I had a little bit of makeup on.  Kat had on a short blue dress and Alli her signature shorts, blazer, and hat. “Hurry up!” Hunter laughs from down stairs.  “Come on” Alli laughs and we quickly run down stairs.  We I run they try with their heels and wedges on.  “What up home dogs” I say as I walk into the living room.  “Woah” Cody says looking over at me.  “Well that’s an interesting look” Hunter says looking at my shoes.  “Beach please they’re perfect” I say happily.  “Beach?” He asks me.  “Yup, that’s right” I smirk at him.  “Come on I don’t want to be late to the premiere for my movie” He laughs at me as I run over hugging him chuckling.  “But Hunterrrr” I whine hugging onto him.  He laughs at me hugging my back dragging my with him as he walks out of the door.

            We all step out of the limousine laughing and talking with each other.  “Hunter over here!” reporters yell.  “Cody over here!” Reporters yell at Cody.  “Alli over here!” Reporters yell at Alli.  “Katherine over here!” They yell at Kat and the four people I came with seem to disappear.  “Neva come on” Hunter says coming over to me and putting an arm around my shoulder walking me over to the reporter as cameras flash.  “Nevaeh Parker right?” A reporter asks me.  “Yup” I smile at them.  “So are you and Cody not together anymore?” They ask me.  “I’m not and never have dated Cody” I tell them furrowing my eyebrows.  “So are you with Hunter?” They ask me.  “Ew no!” I tell them making a disgusted face.  “Hunter is my cousin” I tell them and hunter laughs down at me.  “Cousin?” The reporter asks shocked.  “Yup Cousin” Hunter smiles at her. “See we even look alike” Hunter says making the same face I am making the reporters around us laugh.  “Nevaeh who picked out your outfit?” a reporter asks m.  “Um Alli and Kat” I tell them biting my lip. “NEVA BEAR!” I hear Alli scream.  I turn around and more cameras flash. 

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