" I really hope you guys dont mind having a fan crash your flight." i said looking at each of the boys

" it's cool, we like you, you didn't scream or freak out when you saw us either of the two times." harry said smiling.

" well i didnt want to harrass you with my fangirlling" i said looking up at them and waving my hands as if i was about to fangirl.

" we appreciate it really, now tell us more about you ." Liam said,  honestly sounding interested.

     " well if you guys really want to know... im actully a reporter who snuck on your plane to get secret pitcures of you loy, and now that were already in the air... no one can stop me." I finished and smiled an evil grin. it was so hard not to laugh. Each and every guy stood their eyes hudge horrified at what i just told them, louis tried to speak but nothing came out, and i just lost it and started cracking up. They all just starred at me and i continued to laugh. " y-you s-s-should have seen your faces!! l-louis was the worst!!" i said between laughter. Liam was the first to recover.

  " your not really a reporter are you? " he ask stuttering still unsure of what to think. i hit him playfully on the arm  " no! i was kidding." slowly they all started laughing and i joined in, once we were all in control i decided to anwser liams question seriously this time. 

 " anyways i'm moving with my best friend to England casue we desided it might be nice to get away from everything, i promised her that if we moved to england we would try to get into the music buisness we both play guitar and i sing, if we were going to try anything with music why not let it be in london englad?" i finished smiling

       Niall looked at me his eyes twinkaling, " what kind of guitar do you have?" he asked tilting his head which looked adorable!

 " well i have a specailly made guit--" i stopped my words caught in my thoat. i shut my eyes and took a deep breath .. no it cant happen... it was right here.... and now...i felt warm tears stream my face and strong arms wrap around me. I looked up to find Harry holding me . " whats wrong love?" he asked his eyebrows scrunched together looking concerned.

                   I should tell them .. they deserve to know


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