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Harry's Pov

I'm sitting here on the couch watching Titanic by myself........Sad much? :/ What's even sadder is that I haven't been able to spend time with my Li-Li in like a week because we've been doing concert after concert and signings and interveiws and we get no alone time. The one time all the boys are gone they made him go food shopping so that would be why I'm here alone :(

"YAY" I say outloud because I see Liams car pull out side in the driveway!!! Got to go guys :)

Liam's Pov

Harry comes out in tight ;)  black skinny jeans and his ramone's t-shirt that drives me crazy.

Li-Bear :D I hear

Hazza :D I said

He walks up to me and puts his head in the crook of my neck (this is a super private house so paparazzi can't see us) "Whats wrong Hazza? I ask him

"I miss spending time with you, ya know watching movies and stuff.

"Awww Harry,baby :/ How-about we take in the groceries and go cuddle,the boys won't be back for a while :)

"Okay" :D He say's smiling.

Harry's Pov

We finnished putting away the groceries and made popcorn and got drinks and watched toy story instead of titanic,ya know lighten the mood a bit :) We Were cuddling when i felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked up into Liam's deep beutiful brown eye's.All of a sudden his lips were on mine. It became more intense because i felt his tounge lick my bottom lip and i opened my mouth almost immediatly. He suddenly picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. And then................

CLIFFHANGER :D Sorry about the cliffy but if i get 10 votes you might get a sexy time scene :P Now just so you know please tell me you like the story because if you do i can write it alot because i had spine surgery so now im recovering and im home all the time so if you comment and vote ill update. So I Hope you enjoyed this chapter and sorry for spelling mistakes my arm cramed up and i got lazy      -_- So next chapter if you comment I'll dedicate :)

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