The next thing I remember, I was in a bed with thin white sheets. There were noises of beeping everywhere.  

I saw a monitor above my face. Great. I was finally at the hospital.

"Good morning, Wendy."  

I looked up to find Ryan hovering over me. It looked like he stayed there all night.  

"Hey," I said smiling.  

"Is she ready to breastfeed?" a nurse asked.

Breastfeed? Oh yeah.. I just gave birth. In a gas station. That was the most gruesome thing I ever had to do in my life.

I nodded. "Where's the baby?"  

The nurse smiled."He's right here."

She carried him over to me. I stared down at the little bundle cradling in my arms. It was so bare... so naked. So vulnerable. Yet at the same time, it was my past, present, and future staring back at me.

The baby grabbed my finger firmly and stared at me with big beautiful brown eyes. Then it closed its eyes and smiled a toothless grin.  

I finally smiled back.

Tears escaped my face and I held him close. He had that baby smell. I brushed my lips against his fuzzy little head.  

He made a coo-ing sound. I giggled. Ryan smiled and held my hand tightly.

"You did it," he said.

I cradled the baby and kept him close to me. He burrowed into me like some kind of puppy and made a soft purring noise.

I kissed his furry little forehead.

"He was a huge-ass baby," Ryan laughed. "10 lbs. Ow..."

"10 lbs." I murmured. "wow."

Ryan's cell phone beeped. 

"What is it?" I asked.  

"My family," he said. "I gotta drop them off to the airport. I just waited 'til you woke up. Well, I'll see you in a few." 

He kissed me and left with a wave.

I took a short little nap with the baby nestled with me and when I woke up I thought I was dreaming.....

"How are you doing?" A man walked into my room. I gasped when I heard his voice.


He smiled. "Hiya Wendy.."

He stood by my hospital bed and stared down at the baby.  

Michael's face melted and he smiled. The guy looked like he was gonna cry!

"Uh... dude you okay?"

Michael sniffed. "I am now... can I hold him?"

I gave him the baby reluctantly. He held him close and sniffed his sweet smelling head.  

"He's so beautiful," Michael whispered.  

"I know." 

Then it clicked. The way Michael held the baby... the way he looked into his eyes with so much love.. eyes that were so much very similar to his... a face that mirrored his own slightly......

Michael Phelps could really be the father.

But unfortunately I was still doubtful.

"I just came to drop this off. Here..."

It was one of Michael's swim medals. Not just any swim medal. It was the last medal he earned at the Olympics. He lay it gently into my hands.

"It's for him," he blushed.  

I gulped. "Michael, you didn't have too... oh Michael.. Please, it's your medal from your last race.. you shouldn't have-"

"-Wendy, it's fine... here.. maybe someday, he'll be better than I am... "  

This touched my heart... I smiled up at him and he smiled back.

"Well," he said suddenly, "I better get goin'. As I said, I just came to drop this off..... " 

Michael walked away but then stopped at the door.  

"Oh and Wendy?"  

I sat up. "Yes?" 

He smiled then stopped himself. "We- you did a great job."  

This took me by surprise. Then I sighed and grinned slightly.  

"I suppose we did."

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