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hey i just cant stop writing today hahah:) 

well lets get back to SHIRO'S POV yeah ? OK !


Shiro pov

i was walking in the halls of the academy to my class room with my new kitty named, Yuki meaning snow, on top of my head with her paws resting in front of my bangs and her legs on the back of my head.

'I wonder if ill will ever find my father... what do you think Yuki?'


'Yeah your probably right ' i said to him walking into the class with all eyes on me


i walked towards the stairs in complete silence until it was broken when two girls one with pink hair the other with blond hair came bursting in at the same time saying

'GOAL!!!!' while all that happened i took a seat next to Sasuke

'So ... you were spying on me ?' i asked as he froze and turned to look at me

i giggled when fan girls were threatening me to move but i didn't budge. then an boy with blond spiky hair l known as Naruto, knelled in front of sasuke on the desk

my eyes widened as a flash from the future showed me what was about to happen

i turned to the two boys

'MOVE AWAY FROM EACH OTHER NOW!!!!!!' but it was too late they smacked lips...

'...Too late......' i said slumping down on my chair .Wait...that feeling .. were being watched...

i froze at the familiar presence i looked up and smiled.. father....

Kakashi's pov

we looked at the mysterious girl warning the two boys with a kitten on her head. but we couldn't see her face because of the kitten but to me she kind of looked familiar...

then all of a sudden she became stiff and looked up . my eye widened she knew were here watching then it hit me .. and i froze

'S-Shiro......' my daughter.... what was she doing here

'Kakashi? do you know this girl?' the Hokage asked my eyeing my closely

'Yes... put her on my team....'

'why..' he asked as he began to stir in his chair

'Shes my daughter...' i said and they all gasped

Shiro's pov

'Otou-san....' i whispered letting tears stream down my face with all the attention on me

then Iruka walked in he told them all to settle down

he assigned teams 1-6

'Team seven... Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzamaki,' Sakura sighs Naruto cheers* 'Sasuke Uchiha' Sakura cheers Naruto sighs' and due to the odd number Shiro.. Hatake....'

i continued to smile ,blocking the rest out, thinking about my father...

'Mew!' Yuki said breaking my thoughts

'alright come back after lunch to meet your sensei's.... oh and Shiro....' all eyes on me making me sit up wide eyed


'tell your father i said hi' he smiled and walked out leaving me confused

*time skip*

'Man! why is our Sensei late !?! ' Naruto ranted

i blocked them out sitting on the seat next to sasuke but paying only attention to Yuki

'Mew!' he meowed catching everyones' attention

'Aww what a cute kitty!' Sakura said petting Yuki ' whats his name?'

'Yuki... because of his snow white fur..' i told her as Yuki stretched and closed his eyes to take a nap

'NARUTO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!' Sakura yelled at the Blondie as he put an eraser on the door

'Baka... a Jounin wont fall for that obvious prank..' Sasuke said emotion-less

'Yeah naruto cut it out - ' she said as every one looked at the door besides me , i was petting Yuki who was asleep on the table , so i blocked them out

'Shiro....' i heard a familiar voice say and feeling all eyes on me i looked up to see the one and only copy cat ninja ,my father ,Kakashi Hatake.

my eyes went big ,and i mean HUGE!!!.

'F-father!!!' i said jumping from my spot and running to him giving him a hug

'FATHER !?!?!?' the others shouted in unison.

'What are you doing here wheres your mother ?! and wheres Kero?' he asked and i froze


'Shiro....? Wheres your mother and Kero?' he asked again and i pulled away

'When i was 10... mother died...' he froze ' so i moved in with Kero.. but when i turned 11 the village was ambushed and everyone was killed ...... it was ..' i motioned him down and he bent down to my level.... 'the Akatsuki.' i whispered in his ear and he tensed up

'Ok...well your safe now..' he whispered giving me a hug' everyone meet me on the roof' he said and he disappeared leaving me to walk with my team...

'wait... ' i said and they all turned around . too bad i was talking to my self.. he he he ' i can just do this' i put  up the sigh of the tiger  in front of my face and disappeared in a whole bunch of crimson flower peddles... i call it "Ghost Jump"

i appeared next to my father and shortly after the others came

'so you mastered your Ghost Jump huh?' he asked me as the other three sat down on the steps

'Yep' i said popping the 'p' 'and my Roots eye..Oh and the sharingan' i told him getting the attention of Sasuke

'Good ' he said closed eye smiling

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