Chapter 1: Reunited N It Aint Feel So Good !

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"how'd u know?" I said facing him

"are you stupid ? Do you not know who I am? I know everything that goes on in this house. You lucky im lettin you leave" he said walkin away

Gosh I hate him

Derrick POV

UGH this my first day of senior year and im forced to start it at a new school in LA I know NOBODY here except for ny cousin Day Day and Ashley I doubt Ashley remember me. I walked downstairs to see my mom cookin some cheese grits with eggs and bacon

"mornin momma" I said

"mornin, ready to start.senior year? My mom Tameka said

"eh,.i guess" I said

"im sorry but we had to go it wasnt safe" mom said

"i understand" I said sitting down

See our neighborhood has gotten worse overtime I buried over 8 friends in less than 6 months, moms didn't wann see me 6 feet under so we left.

Hopefully California is cool ! Very bright. Welp here I go first day at Fredrick High. When I pulled in the parking lot I saw a girl that remind me of a older Ashley, she looked like something was on her mind. O well im just tryin to get out of here.

Ashley POV

Ugh I hate bein here I have all my credirs plus 5 extra credits but I rather be here than at home.

When I was walkin in I saw a guy that looked like Derrick starin at me. I freakin hate that, I walked in my first hour amd he was there ! Great just great.

"excuse me ma'am I have a question" he said

"ok" I said

"is your name Ashley Williams" he said

"yeaa" I said cinfused

"another question are you from Chicago?" He said

"dude how do you know me?" I asked mad

"Derrick Jones, your old neighbor/bestfriend" Derrick said

Omg ifeel like shit now

"omg Derrick im so sorry your so-" I said

"sexy? Yeaa I know" he said

"no I was gonna say buff" I said

"damn, but hiw ya been" he asked

"uhh-" I said

"dont lie either" he said

"ill tell you another time" I saod

"alright" he said

"so how ya been?" I said

"better since I saw you, but cool iguess lost 8 friemds in 6 months so mom wanted to move here" derrick said

"wow thats crazy" I said

"yeaa, but guess who my neighbor is" he said laughing

"who" I said

"Day Day" he said laughing

Day Day is Derrick older cousin who loves to party, he cool though.

"wow, I missed his black ass" I said laughing

That whole rest of the day we chilled and laughed at old memories.

Later that night

Derrick POV

"come on let loose" day day said

"a hooker?" I said

"yeaa, this block have all the nice girls, you know I don't fuck with everybody" he said passing me a blunt

I took a few puffs and felt loose

"alright, lets go" I said

Ashley POV

"alright, you know what to do" rob said

"i guess, what time you gettin me?" Isaid

"1:30" rob said

"ok" I said

I was out there for like 20 mins util a black SUV pulled up, when the guys rolled down the window it was 3 guys in there with shades on

"hey cutie, whats yo name" the driver said

"blossom, what you want tonight?" I said seducitly

"its my cousin first night here so im givim him a welcome home gift" he said

"how long" I.said

"make him bust both nuts" he said

"that'll be 500" I said

"alright" he said

"have fun" he told his cousin

His cousin got out the car and we went to the apt Rob bought for people to fuck.

"so first night here" I said entering the dark room

Btw .she got on a mask

"yea" he said turin on the light

"well after tonight ima make sure you get the best welcome home gift" I said takim off my mask

"ASHLEY" he said

"DERRICK?" I said

So thats the first ch. Just givim yaw a sneak peak of it well add to you readin list :) see u in mid september :)

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